Decorative Waterproofing at High-End Alexandria Apartments

Sundek of Washington resurfaced and waterproofed 34,000 square feet of concrete, transforming it into a beautiful surface for residents.
SUNDEK of Washington repaired and resurfaced 34,000 square feet of outdoor flooring at The Arrive using SunLastic and SunSplash coatings.

When developers purchased a large apartment complex—now known as The Arrive—in Alexandria, Virginia, they planned to renovate the property. One of the projects on the list was to redo 34,000 square feet of damaged concrete, transforming it into beautiful walkways, stairways, and an outdoor experience area for residents of the upscale apartments.

The project was not a straightforward undertaking, though. The existing surface was in desperate need of repair. On the rooftop, for example, cracks and other damage were causing leaks into the parking structure that sits below.

Before resurfacing, SUNDEK of Washington performed a lot of repair work.

To resolve these issues, the tentative plan was to apply a concrete slab on top of the existing concrete. The new slab would then be covered in pre-cast pavers for aesthetic purposes. This proposed solution had several engineering flaws. For example, the weight of all the new concrete and pavers would likely be too heavy for the surface that sits above the parking structure. Additionally, if they didn’t repair the existing substrate, the leaks would likely still occur despite being covered in the new slab of concrete.

Wanting to look for alternate options, the owners decided to meet with other concrete contractors to see if there were any better long-term solutions. Another contractor working on renovations for The Arrive had worked with SUNDEK of Washington (SOW) in the past and suggested that the owners of the apartment complex meet with them.

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The owners conveyed their criteria for the rooftop to all contractors: they wanted it to be attractive, functional, and easy to clean and maintain. They also wanted the damage to be addressed and for the new surface on the rooftop to incorporate a membrane system to make it waterproof.

Because of the nature of the project, the owners asked all the bidding contractors to apply a sample of what their finished product would look like. For their sample area, SOW applied a decorative coating of SunLastic with SunSplash.

SOW incorporated a pattern of 24- by 24-inch squares into the surface.

SunLastic is a waterproofing product that can be used in tandem with SUNDEK’s other decorative products. It provides an elastomeric coat to the surface, blocking water from passing through. Here, SunLastic was used with SunSplash, a spray-on coating that’s ideal for high-traffic areas. It’s perfect for a setting like this where lots of people will walk and congregate. The SUNDEK team used aggregates in two colors—Bone White and Pewter Gray—and created a pattern of 24- by 24-inch squares.

When all demonstrations were complete, SOW’s solution stood out as superior among the others. In addition to the effectiveness of the SunLastic coating, the owners of The Arrive loved the look. SOW also laid out a plan for repairing the existing surface—a step they complete on every project to ensure the substrate is in the right condition to handle a new coating.

The new coating is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

Even with the enormous amount of repair work that needed to be done, one of the most challenging aspects of the project was completing the job at a fully occupied apartment complex. To get it done on time and make sure residents could get around as needed, the SOW team constructed temporary hallways, bridges, and walkways. The 34,000 square-foot project took about three months from start to finish.

In the end, the owners at The Arrive were happy with how it turned out. SOW installed a surface that met all of their requirements, all within the allotted timeframe. The new flooring is durable, easy to clean, and provides residents with an eye-catching spot to get from place to place and spend time outdoors.

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