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Decorative Concrete Contractor in Washington DC


Sundek of Washington is proud to offer you access to cutting edge decorative concrete services. With our team,you will never have to worry about working with a subpar contractor. With A+ BBB Rated Listing combined with 30+ more years practise in the industry, our clients can only expect top grade products and service.

Whether you need to repair, refinish or resurface concrete surfaces like pool deck, patios, driveways, garage, interior floor etc. Sundek of Washington installers have the expertise that you need to make your vision a reality. We provide a range of concrete applications from smooth-glossy finishing to patterned-textured overlays to meet your design requirements.

Our Services Include:

Water-Based or Acid Based Concrete Staining – Get your indoor or outdoor concrete surface that unique-translucent look. Stained Concrete is one of the most popular and advanced technique in coloring concrete this day and age. Each project has a distinct by-product as the staining agent reacts on each floor differently.

Stamped Concrete Overlays for Textured & Patterned Surfaces – This application is an overlay on top of an existing concrete commonly done to mimic brick pavers look, natural stone, tiles and more.

Epoxy Flooring – durable, seamless and chemical resistant concrete system usually being install in high traffic area like garages, warehouses, auto dealership etc.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings “Chip or Flake” Flooring- commercial strength, abrasive resistant, low maintenance concrete application. This application can achieve the popular Terrazzo and Granite look on concrete surfaces at a very competitive price.

We pride ourselves on being able to work hand in hand with our customers. After all, it’s your home or business – the design, colors, style and every other detail should meet your standards. We are here to help you create the most beautiful concrete application possible.

Come find out why we have such loyal customers and how we achieve such beautiful results for our clients!

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