Ways to Embellish a Concrete Patio at a Virginia Beach Restaurant

SunMetal FX Floor

SunMetal FX Epoxy Floor

You have the perfect restaurant in Virginia Beach, one with incredible food, excellent service, incredible d├ęcor, and an outside concrete patio where people can watch the sun as it sets over the water. While everything seems idyllic, you still feel as though something is missing. You want to create a space with more pizzazz. An excellent way to do that is by having the floor embellished using a product like SunMetal FX Epoxy floor.

Having an epoxy coating applied to the concrete floor at your Virginia Beach restaurant will completely transform its appearance. Not only that, but this coating will produce a stronger surface that can withstand a great deal of foot traffic, as well as spilled food and drinks.

Epoxy on its own is gorgeous, especially when you select two or more colors or some type of unique texture. However, for an entirely different look that your guests will love, embellished epoxy is the perfect solution. After the installer completes the project, which typically only takes one day, you will end up with a surface as smooth as glass.

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

By adding SunMetal FX, the finish also has a unique design that strongly resembles craters on the moon. You can enhance this 3-D effect by adding the right lighting to the outdoor concrete patio at your Virginia Beach restaurant. Depending on the aura you want to create and the style of restaurant, you could use miniature hanging lanterns, recessed lighting as part of the floor design, wall sconces, or something entirely different.

Considering how competitive restaurants in Virginia Beach are, you need to do something that helps yours stand out. Make lunches and dinners more enjoyable and exciting for your guests by selecting embellished epoxy floors. Without question, people will remember your establishment, which increases the chance of them visiting again and telling their friends and family about it.