Water- Versus Acid Based Concrete Stain for Fairfax Car Dealership

When it comes to concrete surfaces, you have several incredible customization choices. However, two on the top of the list are water- and acid-based stain. If that is the direction you want to take to enhance your car Fairfax car dealership, it is important to compare the two. That way, you have all of the information needed to make a well-informed decision.

Concrete Stain Livens up Car Dealership

Water-Based Concrete Stain

As long as an installer uses a high-quality product, like SunH20, you can expect incredible benefits. This type of stain is quick and easy to install. A water-based stain produces a finish that ranges from opaque to translucent. Also, this stain is usually low in volatile organic compounds.

Although there are some penetrating water-based stains, as a mixture of acrylic polymers and pigments, this stain fills the pores to create a coating or film. This is unlike an acid-based stain, which reacts to chemicals in the concrete. As far as color, you have more options than with an acid stain. Therefore, this type of stain is extremely versatile.

Acid-Based Concrete Stain

For a wow factor at your Fairfax dealership, you might prefer an acid-based stain. As mentioned, this stain penetrates the concrete and then reacts to certain compounds within the chemistry of the concrete. Because of that, the chosen color is permanent. Also, you would end up with a variegated or marbled look, which means that the showroom at your dealership would be one of a kind.

While there are not as many color options with an acid-based stain, you still have plenty of choices when going with a top product, like SunAcid. Along with a striking aesthetic, a stain with an acid base is easy to clean and maintain. Despite the amount of foot traffic at your Fairfax dealership, not to mention vehicle traffic, all you need to do is sweep and damp mop as needed.