Why Washington, DC, Outdoor Theater Owners Love Sundek Classic Texture

Classic Texture

Classic Texture

Whether you are living in or visiting Washington, DC, there is a lot to see and do. Because of that, this city has become one of the most popular destinations in the country. As part of the activities hosted in Washington, DC, are numerous outdoor theaters used for music, stage performances, and a variety of other things. In fact, some theater owners use their venues for art exhibits. Something else that many theaters share is the use of a product called Sundek Classic Texture.

When applied to a concrete surface, this decorative coating transforms both the appearance and functionality. People who visit these theaters can enjoy an enhanced experience. If you wonder why Sundek Classic Texture is in such high demand for outdoor theaters, consider the impressive list of benefits.

For one thing, the surface is comfortable to walk and stand on. That means that the throngs of people who often stand for events at outdoor theaters can enjoy themselves without experiencing muscle pain or fatigue. That alone makes this decorative concrete coating an exceptional choice. However, there are additional benefits.

Sundek Classic Texture also comes in a broad range of colors. As a result, every outdoor theater owner in Washington, DC, can create a unique venue. With so much versatility, they can complement an existing theme or color scheme or use the color to enhance the natural scenery around the theater.

A professional installer can create incredible design effects with Sundek Classic Texture. For instance, an expert can add aggregates to the formula for a unique aesthetic. Different design elements are also possible using saw cuts, custom score lines, and even masonry effects. Overall, there is no better option than this decorative coating for outdoor theater owners in and around the Washington, DC, area. In just a few days of having this product applied, many theater owners begin to see a marked improvement in attendance.