Using Decorative Concrete to Upgrade the Interior Flooring of Your Home

Decorative concrete floor in residence

Decorative concrete floor in residence

Are you tired of looking at the same old flooring in your home day after day? If so, you can upgrade the interior using decorative concrete. This endeavor is exciting because you have multiple options. Especially when using products like SunCanvas, Tuscan, SunH20, and SunDye, the outcome will exceed your wildest expectations.

While all four of these decorative concrete products are excellent choices, they each have unique qualities. Start by looking at what each of them offers and then select the one that matches what you want for your interior floors. Remember, there is no wrong decision. It all comes down to your personal preference.

If your existing floors have blemishes, you can have the SunCanvas architectural microtopping overlay applied. In addition to concrete, this overlay bonds well to other flooring materials, including ceramic tile, marble, and terrazzo. If preferred, you can have stain added at the time of installation, further enhancing the look of this seamless coating. The installer can also create stenciling or score lines after installation.

Concrete floors

Decorative concrete floors

Tuscan is another excellent choice for the interior floors of your home. This handcrafted decorative concrete overlay features a hand-troweled design for a customized look. This decorative concrete surface can be applied to have a subtle or deep texture, you can also enhance the floors with various design effects, such as masonry, flagstone, slate, and score lines.

Then there is SunH20. Rather than an overlay, this is a water-based concrete stain. Along with strong adhesion, you can combine or layer colors to produce one-of-a-kind floors on a clean new concrete floor surface.

SunDye is another top choice. This liquid concentrate dye penetrates the floor’s surface for a long-lasting effect. Based on the look you want, you can use this fast-drying dye as-is or combine it with SunAcid, an acid-based stain.

Regardless of which decorative concrete solution you prefer, when friends and family come to visit, your new floors will leave them speechless.