Using Decorative Concrete in Gardening Centers

Decorative concrete surfaces

Decorative concrete surfaces

Just like any retail store, the appearance of an indoor gardening center makes buying more enticing. Instead of a dull and gray concrete slab, you can turn your McLean business into a money-making machine. Along with greenery and beautiful flowering plants, you want a floor that enhances the overall look and feel of the shop.

At the same time, you need to consider decorative concrete that can handle moisture that comes from water, chemicals used to keep plants healthy, dropped items like shovels and spades, and even stains that would diminish the appearance of the gardening center. The good news is that you have several viable options. For instance, both epoxy and acid stain are two of the top choices that will never let you down.   

Of all the possibilities for decorative concrete at your McLean gardening center, products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 are perfect. For one thing, you can select from a broad range of colors, giving your business a fresh appearance unique from other indoor gardening centers. Also, the professional installer can add a host of aggregates or color flakes that enhance the look even further. 

Something else to consider is that epoxy is highly resistant to many things, including abrasions, impact, chemicals, moisture, stains, and more. Obviously, you want to consider decorative concrete that will remain beautiful yet durable and long-lasting. With epoxy, this is what you get.

There is another excellent choice. An Acid-stained concrete finish works great as flooring for indoor gardening centers. When applied, the color seeps through the concrete, becoming permanent. Therefore, you never have to worry about fading or wear. This stain also reacts with compounds in the concrete, which produces a one-of-a-kind variegated effect. For optimal results, choose a product like SunAcid and have it applied to your floor by an expert you can then decide if you want to seal it with an epoxy or acrylic coating.