Updating the Interior of Your Bel Air Home with Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing

While you love your Bel Air home, you realize that the flooring in some of the rooms and even outdoor areas have started to fade and deteriorate. Although you might first think about having the surfaces torn out and replaced, there is a much better solution: concrete resurfacing.

With resurfacing, not only do you avoid having the interior and exterior of your home in disarray for weeks, if not longer, there is also no significant mess. With concrete resurfacing, small imperfections in the existing surface get repaired, and the surface gets cleaned. Then a new layer gets applied using products like Tuscan, Classic Texture, and SunEpoxy 54.

Not only can a professional finish concrete resurfacing in just one or two days, the surface also looks new. You can even select from multiple colors, giving you the opportunity to transform your Bel Air home. Regardless of the style of the space, there is a perfect color to match.

Something else to consider is that concrete overlays are not just for floors. Therefore, if you have stairs, a patio, walkway, fireplace surround, or even a wall that you want to change, you can. For example, if you have a country-style hearth room, you might consider a stamped overlay that resembles natural wood. When used on the floor and the fireplace surround, your room becomes homier and more inviting. Even your kitchen cabinets would benefit from concrete resurfacing products.

One of the most exciting aspects of concrete resurfacing is its versatility. Depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve, you can choose the same overlay, color, texture, or pattern or mix things up to come up with a customized look. The finished project will bring life back into your Bel Air home.