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“Hand applied artisan textured finish”

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Tuscan Overview

The TUSCAN texture by Sundek is a cost effective hand applied slate looking finish that provides a cost effective yet elegant European look to old or existing concrete surfaces.  Each Tuscan application is custom applied by the artisan applicator and guarantees a unique, one of a kind masterpiece.

Sundek Tuscan texture is applied very thin less than 1/8th inch but look like a natural slate, stone or lightly textured surface.

Speicialized designs and effects can be achieved by cutting custom grout lines, random flagstone patterns and other masonry effects.  Tuscan can be colored with SunColor, SunGlaze or SunStain are applied to the surface to bring your project to life.

Features and benefits:  Sundeks’s TUSCAN custom hand-applied/troweled texture effect can offer a similar look and surface of that of a Stamped concrete overlay like SunStamp.  TUSCAN texture can not only give you a similar look to a thicker stamped overlay by can save you money in product costs and complexity.  TUSCAN is an ideal product for entryways, walks, and even interior concrete and patios.  TUSCAN is readily installed over various existing material to give a new look and design.  It can be installed over tile, concrete, pavers, walls, strofoam, primed drywall, concrete blocks, hardibacker, stucco, moldings, and much more… With TUSCAN you can change surfaces with a new and updated look and decorative finish.  Use TUSCAN wherever you want to have the look of stamped overlay.

Where to use it:  Many SUNDEK customers choose TUSCAN for their:

  • Pool Decks & Surrounding Spaces
  • Backyard and Restaurant Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Vertical Surfaces and Walls
  • Interior Floors and Exterior Concrete
  • Both Residential and Commercial Spaces

How it’s done:  TUSCAN texture is done by hand-troweling in a random artistic fashion the concrete overlay.  The hand applied texture resembles a custom texture of swirls, gaps and voids similar to natural slate or even travertine.   TUSCAN is much thinner that a stamped overlay an therefore creates a one of kind self expression by the Artisan installer of the Sundek products.  After the TUSCAN material has dried the artisan will then use dyes, stains, acrylic colors, cut patterns and more to provide the finished look.

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