Turn an Ordinary Arcade in McLean into Something Spectacular with Unique Decorative Concrete Designs

Concrete stain

Decorative concrete stain

Arcades in McLean provide families and friends with tons of fun. If you own this type of business and expect to achieve success, you have to do something different from your competitors. In other words, you cannot simply place games inside a building and expect people to come. However, if you have decorative concrete designs applied to various surfaces throughout the space, people will take notice.

Imagine having a western theme for your arcade. In that case, a product like SunStamp, which you can have textured to look like real wood, is perfect.

However, if you want a flooring system with incredible shine, something that the lights of the games will bounce off, then a polished coating with decorative concrete is the right choice. The intense sheen of the surface will make the entire arcade come to life.

You can enhance the aesthetics of your McLean arcade using decorative concrete on not only the floors but also the walls. If you have a rock-climbing area, a professional installer can create a design that looks like mountain ridges or, using SunStamp, the wall could replicate river rock.

For areas where smaller children play with fiber optics on the floor, the possibilities using decorative concrete are endless. You could have a wild graphic design in multiple colors added or go all out with a three-dimensional effect. The kids will have a blast, begging their parents to go back, again and again.

You can come up with ideas on your own and then work with a professional installer to create a one-of-a-kind experience at your McLean arcade. However, if you need help, you might spend time online getting ideas from other like businesses and then modifying them to make the overall design your own. In no time, you will have more business than anticipated.