Tips for Decorative Coatings in Creating a Cohesive Look at Chain Bars or Restaurants

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

People who own multiple bars in Virginia face a number of challenges. One involves trying to make all of the establishments unique yet cohesive. The goal is to provide patrons with the same outstanding food, drink, and service while giving them a different experience depending on which location they visit. An excellent way to overcome this obstacle is with decorative coatings.

One option is to choose the same type of decorative coatings but in a different color or color combination. For an example, a bar owner in Virginia could choose polished concrete floors for all of the locations. Instead of the same color for each, they would all be somewhat different while still being within the same color family.

Acid stains are another possibility for decorative coatings. For instance, a product like SunAcid would be ideal. Acid stain is reactive, which means after it is applied to concrete floors, it penetrates and then reacts with chemicals in the concrete. The result is stunning floors with a variegated or marbled design effect. However, because the reaction is different for every concrete floor, a bar owner could choose the same color but still get completely different outcomes at all of the locations.

Decorative coatings with added aggregates are also exceptional options. Following a cohesive color scheme, a bar owner could choose different sizes and types of aggregates to give each location its own character and personality. Even though the color is the same, the overall effect is different. For example, one bar may have a goldish-brown concrete floor enhanced with large river rocks while another bar has floors of the same color that are enhanced with small pebbles. Even unique borders of aggregate decorative coatings could be added.