How to Rehabilitate Your Stamped Concrete with SunRestore

SunRestore for stamped concrete

SunRestore for stamped concrete repair

Do you have a stamped driveway that looks worse for the wear? Has the original surface been around for a long time? Did you purchase a new home in Washington that you love, but the driveway is a serious embarrassment? If you answered β€œyes” to any of these questions, SunRestore is an innovative system used for stamped concrete repair, whether minor or major problems exist.

A professional installer utilizes the SunRestore system with various Sundek products, including SunClear EcoClear, SunEpoxy 54/400, SunStain SunDye Interior/Exterior, SunSeal A25 Premium, SunStain SunH2O, and SunClear HT Clear. This system also works with Sundek Finish Coat and Finish Coat Clear. The actual products used depends on the level of damage to the driveway surface.

In addition to the surface repairs that the SunRestore system provides, you will also see other benefits from the products used. Take SunEpoxy as a prime example. The β€œ54” epoxy system consists of two components and is water based. In addition to curing quickly, this product works well as a color coat and primer.

SunClear HT (High Traffic) Clear is also another fantastic product used in conjunction with the SunRestore system for stamped concrete repair. This two-component topcoat clear sealer contains high-solids aliphatic polyurethane that produces a hard yet flexible coating. Especially for a stamped driveway prone to stains, high traffic, and abrasions, this protection is unbeatable.

Regardless of which products the installer uses, SunRestore is an amazing system specifically for stamped concrete repair. Instead of having the entire surface ripped out and replaced, which involves a major financial investment, a huge mess, and a lot of time, you can transform your driveway back to its original glory. Even if the surface requires significant rehabilitation, this system works.

Following the appropriate technician, an expert will have the work done quickly, so that you can enjoy the sight and functionality of your stamped concrete driveway. Along with restored color, the texture or pattern will look stunning.