Outstanding Pool Deck Repairs in Maryland– You Won’t Believe the Makeovers!

Pool Deck Repair in Maryland

Pool Deck Repair in Maryland

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” When it comes to pool deck repair in Maryland, no other product than Sundek Classic Texture can achieve such incredible changes. When looking at your pool area, you might automatically think your only option is to have the concrete ripped out and reinstalled. Before going that route, talk to a professional contractor or installer who uses Sundek products.

Classic Texture is the most incredible concrete overlay on the market. If your pool deck has mild to medium surface imperfections, as opposed to more serious pool deck repair issues, this decorative solution will transform both the appearance and functionality.

What makes Sundek Classic Texture unique is that it helped launch the decorative concrete industry back in 1970. Today, this same product will completely transform your pool deck area. Also, for pool deck repair, the installer can create different designs using aggregates, custom score cut lines, and masonry effects.

One option entails having Sundek Classic Texture applied to the primary pool deck area. Next to the pool, the installer can use this product combined with Tuscan to create a stunning border, Tuscan, a handcrafted custom overlay, makes an even more dramatic statement when used as a solution for pool deck repair. This design looks sleek yet inviting, ideal for having family members and friends over on the weekends.

If preferred, you can have separate seating areas designed around the pool. In this case, the installer would use the same Classic Texture product, but instead of a single color, the installer would create sections using two different colors. Not only does this take care of any pool deck repair issues, it will also give the area a unique look that stands out.

Instead of investing a lot by having your pool deck reinstalled, Sundek Classic Texture is the perfect repair solution. With this decorative concrete product, the sky is the limit.