The Latest Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

If you enjoy relaxing in your backyard, having family over for barbecues, or entertaining friends, you want an outdoor living space that looks and feels inviting. Whether you are updating a covered or open patio, pool deck, walkway, or some other concrete surface, start by considering the newest outdoor concrete colors for 2018. Then, you can create a space that follows the latest trends yet remains beautiful for many years to come.

One possibility for achieving what you want is with one of the three choices under the SunStain umbrella. Whether you choose SunAcid, SunDye, or SunH2O, the outcome will leave you speechless.


SunAcid is an acid-based stain. When applied, it penetrates and then reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Ultimately, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete surface. Also, SunAcid produces a one-of-a-kind marbled effect. Regardless of the 2018 outdoor concrete colors you prefer, Green, Cola, Buckskin, Terracotta, or something different, the variegated design effect is stunning.

Outdoor Concrete Colors in water park

Outdoor Concrete Colors in water park

Sun H2O

Another top choice is SunH20. The primary benefit of this water-based stain is that offers you a much broader range of outdoor concrete colors. That means if you want to transform your backyard completely, you can go all out with a unique theme or color scheme.

You can opt to have this stain layered or combined with other outdoor concrete colors, giving you endless possibilities for a customized look. Among the choice of 26 colors, this year, Copper, Chocolate, Maize, Plum, and Cinnamon rank at the top of the list.


There is also SunDye, a dye as opposed to a stain. Not only does this product dry quickly, but it comes in a host of vibrant colors, which are all the rage for 2018. Some of the choices that stand out include Turquoise, Fern Green, Burnt Orange, Leather, and Purple. The expert can create gorgeous results with this product alone or use it along with SunAcid, which gives you even more options for outdoor concrete colors.