Do Epoxy Coatings Make a Good Choice for Commercial Businesses?

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Like most people, you probably automatically think about industrial businesses or residential garages when it comes to epoxy coatings. Although epoxy floors are commonly found in both places, they are also an excellent choice for commercial businesses. Over the years, many advances have been made in epoxy products. This is clearly evident in superior products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

To determine if epoxy coatings are the right solution for your commercial business in Virginia, take the time to learn what this flooring solution is and the different benefits that it offers. To begin with, epoxy floors are made from a mixture of hardener and resin, which chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. Not only does epoxy adhere to concrete extremely well, it is amazingly strong, durable, and long-lasting.

For some reason, many people have the misconception that epoxy coatings are black. In reality, these floors are available in a variety of colors. These range from neutral colors, like tan and light gray, to bright and bold colors. In addition to the main color, metallic flakes in varying sizes and shapes can be added to give the floor an even more beautiful aesthetic.

Another reason for considering epoxy coatings for commercial businesses in Virginia is that they are low in volatile organic compounds, meaning they are safer and more environmentally friendly compared to other flooring solutions. Epoxy also resists moisture, stains, abrasions, and impacts, meaning that floors in commercial buildings will not be accidentally damaged. They are even easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, these floors look gorgeous even with heavy foot traffic.

Because epoxy coatings are so beautiful, functional, and beneficial, they make a perfect choice for all types of commercial businesses. Epoxy has become a popular choice for people who own and operate law firms, restaurants, day spas, hair salons, CPA firms, and other types of commercial businesses in Virginia.