Decorative Concrete Entryways Make a Lasting Impression

Concrete Entryways

Concrete Entryways

Regardless of a home’s size, age, or style, decorative concrete entryways are the best way to make a lasting impression. From the minute someone walks inside your house, the foyer will stand out. If you want an even more dramatic look, you might consider having the front of your stairway, walls, and other surfaces transformed as well.

Using a product called Tuscan, you can achieve an incredible look that will leave people in awe. What makes this handcrafted custom overlay unique is you can have it applied both inside and outside. In other words, you can choose the same gorgeous textured finish for the front stoop that leads into the foyer. However, with a broad range of colors and textures, you can also mix and match designs if preferred.

A micro-topping is another way to create beautiful concrete entryways. SunCanvas, a top-of-the-line product, is affordable, yet it produces stunning results. With endless color and pattern options, you can unleash your creativity. A professional installer can create design elements based on what you want or make recommendations on your behalf. Regardless, the multiple layers of polymer give floors an elegant look with an almost indestructible surface.

For a one-of-kind masterpiece, check out acid stains. Also available in rich colors, this option is perfect for homeowners who want concrete entryways that look unique. With this, the acid penetrates the surface, where it reacts with chemical compounds. The outcome is a marbled effect and a fantastic shine. Not only that, but because the color becomes a permanent part of the floor, it lasts a long time.

Instead of ordinary concrete entryways, homeowners can select from a broad range of decorative products for something extraordinary. Especially if your family and friends visit often or you entertain important clients, a beautiful foyer sets the tone. Of course, you can continue the trend throughout your home by having other horizontal and vertical surfaces transformed.