Classic Texture

Acrylic Spray Texture Overlay
“THE ORIGINAL Spray Texture Overlay Since 1970”

Classic Texture Overview

Have you ever walked across a comfortable and safe pool deck in your lifetime?  If so, it was more than likely the Sundek CLASSIC texture, the decorative concrete application that assisted in launching the decorative concrete industry.  There are many effects and custom things that can be achieved in combination with Sundek Classic Texture to enhance any project including:  SunStamp TUSCAN, various aggregate effects, masonry effects, and custom score cut lines.

Classic Texture Gallery

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Classic Texture Concrete Coating Video

The SUNDEK CLASSIC Texture is the decorative concrete application that helped launch an industry.  If you’ve ever walked across a textured pool deck in your lifetime and it was comfortable and safe, the chances are great that it was SUNDEK.  CLASSIC Texture can be combined with Custom Scoreline, Masonry effects, Aggregate Effects, SunStamp, TUSCAN and all other applications to enhance your project.

Features and Benefits:  SUNDEK’s Classic Texture is the original spray texture overlay system. Because of the many benefits of the CLASSIC texture system, it is commonly specified by architects, major commercial properties, military installations and many homeowners request it in their homes. Here a some of Sundek’s Classic Texture benefits:

  • Ensures a safe environment in many type of conditions due to it’s slip-resistant texture
  • Saves time and money spent on maintenance, as the non porous properties of the material keeps dirt, oils & chemicals from penetrating into the surface
  • Classic Texture is cooler than plain concrete, tile or brick and because of the different degrees of texture, the result is a comfortable walking surface for the bare foot.
  • The system is durable and very economical compared to most decorative concrete coatings available in the market today.
  • A variety of specialty design and effects are available due to the 3-5 step process that provides a consistent chemical bond with the concrete with each step installed.

Where to use it:  CLASSIC texture is ideal for.

  • Pool Deck Surrounds
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Horizontal & Vertical
  • Commercial & Residential

How it’s done:  SUNDEK CLASSIC texture is a water-based acrylic spray texture system that is sprayed onto a surface of existing concrete and then “knocked” or troweled down with a trowel’s edge. The texture created by this special process is one that creates a slip resistant surface that is a pleasure to walk on with bare feet.  Once the texture coating has cured and dried, an acrylic based finish coat that contains the final color and layer of protection is applied on the surface. Templates for different designs can be added to create the look of brick, tile, stone, tile or custom graphics. Additional effects such as Custom Scoreline (using existing cracks in the surface to incorporate them into a custom pattern) or Aggregate Effects (multiple acrylic colors applied to the surface) can be added to help camouflage the elements.

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