Choosing the Best Outdoor Concrete Colors in Virginia Daycare Play Areas

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Outdoor Concrete Colors

There are two essential factors to consider when designing an outdoor play area at a daycare center using decorative concrete. First, you need a product that can withstand the pitter patter of little feet and holds up to harsh weather. Second, you want to select something that creates a happy and fun space to enhance the playtime experience.

While both SunH20 and SunDye are excellent products, you have many other options. With either one, you can choose the best outdoor concrete colors for your play area. As an increasing number of Virginia daycare centers now focus on health, providing children with a fun space makes them feel excited about going outdoors.

SunH20 yields 20 impressive outdoor concrete colors perfect for Virginia daycare play areas. You can cover the entire concrete surface with one color or use several colors to give the kids an extra-special place to play. Popular choices include Copper, Pear, Spice, Purple, Plum, Red, and Sienna Rust. Just imagine what you can accomplish by using more than one color.

Outdoor Concrete Colors in water park

Outdoor Concrete Colors for Splash Pad

Beyond the bold outdoor concrete colors for a Virginia daycare, adding aggregates to the formula will create a slip-resistant surface. As a result, the kids can run around even on a wet surface with less risk of slipping and sustaining an injury. That makes playtime more fun and provides the business with better liability protection.

If you have a covered area connected to the outside space, consider SunDye. This product also comes in an assortment of incredible outdoor concrete colors for a Virginia daycare. Not only is this an economical way to enhance the space, but the product also dries quickly. That means you can have it applied on Saturday in time for the arrival of kids on Monday. Instead of a monotone look, have this product mixed with water to create wonderful color variations.