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Decorative Concrete in Washington Can Be a Solid Investment

When it comes to new flooring, what are the largest contributing factors in making your decision? For many people, aesthetic appeal is the most important factor, especially if you plan to keep your flooring for an extended period of time. Other important factors to think about include durability, comfort, maintenance, and cost. When it comes to making a solid investment in new flooring, you definitely need to consider decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete by Sundek of WA

Decorative Concrete by Sundek of WA

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Using premium building materials for your new floor is a great way to enhance the value and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Unfortunately, these building materials can be extremely expensive and difficult to install. If you are looking for a premium building material that provides the best value, you should start thinking about decorative concrete. Washington homeowners have already discovered the secret of decorative concrete, and no company is better equipped to handle your decorative concrete needs than Sundek of Washington.

When you think of concrete flooring, you probably picture a stark gray surface that fits better in a warehouse than in your home. Thanks to modern developments, however, you can achieve an unlimited number of looks using decorative concrete products. With overlays, stamps, stains, and colors, you can make your new concrete floor look like any number of premium materials, including marble, flagstone, limestone, and more.  In addition, decorative concrete floors can be affordable, not to mention durable, customizable, and easy to maintain.

Installing new flooring in your home is no easy task, so take the time to think carefully about the materials you choose and who you hire to install it. If you are concerned about value as well as durability and aesthetics, you cannot do better than a decorative concrete floor from Sundek of Washington.

Many Patterns Are Now Available With Stamped Concrete

Whether you are building a new home or wanting to make upgrades to an existing home, a Sundek of Washington contractor can transform your vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces into something upscale using stamps. Stamped concrete is a unique process performed by a professional to produce sophisticated aesthetics.

Washington DC Stamped Concrete by Sundek

Washington DC Stamped Concrete by Sundek

Unique Patterns

To create an upscale look with stamped concrete in Washington, start by looking at the various patterns this process achieves. Although there are numerous options, the two most popular are fractured slate and cobblestone.

Cobblestone – By using a random interlocking technique, a surface on ordinary concrete takes on the appearance of genuine cobblestone that is naturally worn and flat. In addition, the corners are rounded and the edges are irregular.

Fractured Slate – For the fractured slate appearance, it is important that a trained contractor perform the work. The finished project consists of squared corners and straight edges.

English Yorkstone – Using this pattern, a Sundek of Washington contractor creates a texture that looks like natural, fractured stone.

River Stone – With embossing skins, river stone concrete is simply stunning.

Ashler Stone – For outdoor applications that look rich, this is an excellent solution. This type of stamped concrete has a rough and split surface just like natural stone. Even the corners are square and the edges are sharp.

Hardwood – Concrete stamps can be used to create the look of hardwood as well. For example, with beveled edges that run the length of each sandblasted pine board, squared corners, and saw cut ends, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Limestone – One of the more popular patterns for concrete stamps specific to the look of limestone is the European fan. For this design, the texture of the surface appears as split natural stone, complete with irregular edges, rounded corners, and a hand-chiseled appearance.

High-Quality Sundek Concrete Products

Regardless of which stamped concrete pattern you find most appealing for your Washington home, it is imperative that the contractor you choose only uses the best products available. At Sundek of Washington, our skilled technicians use only Sundek products.

As an industry leader, all Sundek products are trusted and guaranteed. A perfect example for achieving an upscale look is SunStamp, which is a stamped concrete overlay that transforms indoor and outdoor spaces. With this product, modern technology creates old world elegance.

Add Pizzazz and Recolor Your Stamped Concrete

2024-04-02 08.59.24Using Colored Concrete to Recolor Stamped Concrete
Even if you are in love with your concrete floor or walkway when you have it installed, you may change your mind at some point. In other cases, the color will begin to fade over time. Whether you want to change the color of your stamped concrete or return it to its original color, Sundek of Washington can provide you a few options. Applying a stain, paint, or dye can provide many options.  Using colored acrylic coatings can also last long and be worth the effort.

Using Stains

For those looking to recolor their stamped concrete on a budget, then one of the stains or dyes from Sundek of Washington will be a great choice. Options like SunAcid, SunH20, and SunDye give you a range of options to choose from. These are typically applied right on top of the existing stamped concrete and then finished with a sealer to preserve the color. Choosing this method will be quick and inexpensive.

The long lasting acrylic coating can also provide a great look.  The color is essentially painted onto the concretes surface and dries within hours.  This type of coating will provide a solid color that will last for years.


Preventing Decorative Concrete Sealer Problems

Applying Sealer to Decorative Concrete

The absolute best way to install any sort of decorative concrete in Washington is to have a professional do so for you. Numerous issues can affect even the most experienced contractor during the concrete sealer installation process. As such, it helps to be aware of these issues so they can be prevented.

Avoiding Bubbles

One of the most common issues when using SunClear or another sealer on decorative concrete is potential bubbling. If a sealer has bubbles in it, it may indicate that too much was applied. The best way to prevent the issue is to apply it as directed; it should be so thin that it isn’t physically capable of supporting bubbles. Ideally, each coat of sealer should be 5 millimeters thick when it is wet and 2 millimeters thick when dry. The best way to apply sealer to avoid bubbles is to do so in two coats, each of which is thin. The first of these will work as a primer with the majority entering the decorative concrete, leading to an uneven appearance. After this, the second coat of sealer will create the desired gloss, color enhancement, and even finish.

In other cases, bubbling of the sealer can be due to application in hot weather or the concrete being directly in the sun. Your contractor can avoid these issues by planning the sealer application carefully and erecting shade over the area if necessary.

Discouraging Whitening of Sealer

Both solvent-based and water-based sealers can turn white, but the causes and preventative techniques are different. In the case of solvent-based sealers whitening on Washington decorative concrete, it may be possible that the concrete is too fresh and still contains water or that too much was applied. Either issue can be avoided by carefully following the given directions. Water-based sealers become white or powdery if the humidity is high or the temperature is low during the application, as the particles don’t dry correctly. To avoid these issues, the professionals at Sundek of Washington always try to wait until the proper conditions before applying these concrete sealers.

Planning for the Work of a Decorative Concrete Contractor in Washington

Hiring a decorative concrete contractor in the Washington, D.C., area is ideal if you want an element of decoration for your surfaces. Options range from SunStamp stamped Sundek concrete to SunDye stains. There are many finishes, such as SunSand, to top surfaces off. It is important to select a contractor who specializes in the type of decoration you want for your commercial or residential property. (more…)