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Why You Should Install a Metallic Epoxy Floor in Your Retail Store

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

To enhance the appearance of your retail store and create a more inviting space for customers, you have several excellent decorative concrete solutions. However, you will never go wrong choosing metallic epoxy floors. For this solution, two products stand out: SunMetal FX and SunOne. By understanding the benefits of these two products, you will see why metallic epoxy floors are the perfect solution for your retail business, regardless of what you sell.

SunMetal FX

SunMetal FX, which gets used with SunEpoxy 54, SunEpoxy 100, SunOne Polyaspartic, or one of the other Sundek acrylic sealers, will make a lasting impression on anyone who visits your store.

Once applied, these metallic epoxy floors resemble glass. Not only is the surface shiny and smooth, it will have a one-of-a-kind look. Because the surface has swirls that resemble a lava lamp, the floors in your retail store will look nothing like those of your competitors. Because of that, people who visit will remember your business, which will entice them to return time after time.

Sun Metal Metallic Epoxy Floors

Sun Metal Metallic Epoxy Floors


The other option for metallic epoxy floors is a product called SunOne Polyaspartic. Instead of an epoxy surface finish, this is a polyaspartic coating. However, for your retail store, it too will transform the interior look and feel. One benefit of this product is that it cures in just one day. Therefore, if you have a grand opening or special event scheduled for a specific date, you can have your new floors installed and ready for foot traffic.

SunOne Polyaspartic has an advantage over epoxy in that it offers higher abrasion resistance. If your store gets a significant number of customers, this might be the better option. This primer and finish coat is also UV stable, meaning you never have to worry about yellowing or blushing. In fact, it is stain resistant and offers excellent durability, and maintenance is a breeze.

The Most Important Things That Crofton Customers Should Know About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

If you have done any research on decorative concrete solutions, you know that epoxy flooring is a superior choice for commercial purposes. As the owner of a Crofton business, you still want to know more so that you ultimately make a decision that will not only enhance the appearance of the work environment but also result in a more functional and long-lasting flooring system.

For starters, you need to know that not all epoxy flooring products are the same. As expected, the quality of the product will have a significant impact on appearance, functionality, and wear. Therefore, when hiring an installer to transform the look of the floors in your Crofton business, make sure he relies on the best product possible, such as SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100.

You also need to know that epoxy flooring will bolster the safety of your work environment. Especially in restaurants and at industrial sites, accidental slips caused by liquid, food, oil, grease, or chemical spills occur too often. Not only can the installer add slip-resistant additives but also create unique textures that make the floor safer.

Also, the installer can use various techniques when applying epoxy for optimal impact and abrasion resistance. The floors will still look incredible but also have better protection. Therefore, if something is dropped or if you have an industrial business in Crofton that utilizes indoor vehicles like pickers and forklifts, there is no risk of damage to your new floors.

Finally, although epoxy flooring is a fantastic choice, the installer that you hire should always apply a top sealant. With this, the floor has a second layer of protection from abrasions and chemical spills. In fact, sealed epoxy floors will withstand mild thermal shock and become highly stain-resistant. As you can see, epoxy is a superior solution for virtually any business in Crofton.

Using Decorative Concrete in Gardening Centers

Decorative concrete surfaces

Decorative concrete surfaces

Just like any retail store, the appearance of an indoor gardening center makes buying more enticing. Instead of a dull and gray concrete slab, you can turn your McLean business into a money-making machine. Along with greenery and beautiful flowering plants, you want a floor that enhances the overall look and feel of the shop.

At the same time, you need to consider decorative concrete that can handle moisture that comes from water, chemicals used to keep plants healthy, dropped items like shovels and spades, and even stains that would diminish the appearance of the gardening center. The good news is that you have several viable options. For instance, both epoxy and acid stain are two of the top choices that will never let you down.   

Of all the possibilities for decorative concrete at your McLean gardening center, products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 are perfect. For one thing, you can select from a broad range of colors, giving your business a fresh appearance unique from other indoor gardening centers. Also, the professional installer can add a host of aggregates or color flakes that enhance the look even further. 

Something else to consider is that epoxy is highly resistant to many things, including abrasions, impact, chemicals, moisture, stains, and more. Obviously, you want to consider decorative concrete that will remain beautiful yet durable and long-lasting. With epoxy, this is what you get.

There is another excellent choice. An Acid-stained concrete finish works great as flooring for indoor gardening centers. When applied, the color seeps through the concrete, becoming permanent. Therefore, you never have to worry about fading or wear. This stain also reacts with compounds in the concrete, which produces a one-of-a-kind variegated effect. For optimal results, choose a product like SunAcid and have it applied to your floor by an expert you can then decide if you want to seal it with an epoxy or acrylic coating.

Give Your Annapolis Backyard a New Look with Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

After enjoying your Annapolis backyard for many years, you notice that the pool deck has seen better days. In addition to small imperfections, the color has faded. Overall, the existing pool deck seems old and tired. Instead of having the concrete ripped out and a new surface installed, you should consider pool deck resurfacing.

The problem with a new pool deck installation is that in addition to waiting for weeks for the job to get completed, you have to deal with the noise of power tools and the mess of piled-up concrete waiting to get hauled away. In other words, your backyard becomes completely inaccessible, loud, and messy.

With pool deck resurfacing, you avoid all that. In this case, an expert first makes the necessary repairs to small cracks and pits, followed by thoroughly cleaning the surface. Once that part of the process is complete, the preferred overlay gets installed. With a product like Tuscan, SunStamp, Classic Texture, or SunCanvas, your backyard transforms into a beautiful environment that family and friends can enjoy for many years.

Depending on which product you choose for pool deck resurfacing at your Annapolis home, you will have beautiful color and design choices. In some cases, an expert installer could add aggregates or metallic flakes or use score lines, saw cuts, and masonry effects to create a unique design.

If you want to create a unique aesthetic for your pool deck, you can always use different colors, designs, and even products. For example, you could have the central area covered with one type of decorative coating and then have the expert use a different option for a border or to make a fun design. With resurfacing and superior-quality products, virtually anything is possible.

Updating the Interior of Your Bel Air Home with Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing

While you love your Bel Air home, you realize that the flooring in some of the rooms and even outdoor areas have started to fade and deteriorate. Although you might first think about having the surfaces torn out and replaced, there is a much better solution: concrete resurfacing.

With resurfacing, not only do you avoid having the interior and exterior of your home in disarray for weeks, if not longer, there is also no significant mess. With concrete resurfacing, small imperfections in the existing surface get repaired, and the surface gets cleaned. Then a new layer gets applied using products like Tuscan, Classic Texture, and SunEpoxy 54.

Not only can a professional finish concrete resurfacing in just one or two days, the surface also looks new. You can even select from multiple colors, giving you the opportunity to transform your Bel Air home. Regardless of the style of the space, there is a perfect color to match.

Something else to consider is that concrete overlays are not just for floors. Therefore, if you have stairs, a patio, walkway, fireplace surround, or even a wall that you want to change, you can. For example, if you have a country-style hearth room, you might consider a stamped overlay that resembles natural wood. When used on the floor and the fireplace surround, your room becomes homier and more inviting. Even your kitchen cabinets would benefit from concrete resurfacing products.

One of the most exciting aspects of concrete resurfacing is its versatility. Depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve, you can choose the same overlay, color, texture, or pattern or mix things up to come up with a customized look. The finished project will bring life back into your Bel Air home.