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Different Techniques Used When Staining Concrete

Mottled look with stained concrete

Mottled look with stained concrete

Stained concrete is popular in Washington because most concrete surfaces can be stained. There are also different ways to obtain certain looks. For instance, an acid stain, such as SunAcid, is going to give you more of an earth tone, whereas a water-based concrete stain, such as SunStain, is going to give you more color options. A liquid concrete dye, such as SunDye, is also going to give you different color options so that the concrete can be one color or multiple colors.

Different Looks and Their Techniques

The following are some of the looks of stained concrete that you can achieve and the techniques that create those looks:

  • Your contractor can get a mottled look with one color of stain by spraying the stain a little heavier than usual. If the stain puddles in places where the concrete isn’t completely flat, it makes the concrete darker, but it looks natural.
  • Color enhancers can be used to get a faux finish. Random splatters with different colors are spread around and then blended with water to fade the colors together.
  • Multiple colors can create a faded look. First, the concrete has to be drenched in color, and then the colors are layered.
  • A variegated look can be established by using multiple colors. The color is sprayed and then brushed back in.

Many Stained Concrete Options

There are many stained concrete options. If you have a particular look in mind, it can be achieved through one of these staining types and methods. Of course, stained concrete in Washington also comes down to your color choice. The result will be the beautiful floor you imagined, and it will make a statement.

If Properly Maintained, How Long Will a Concrete Coating on a Patio in Maryland Last?

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

If you invest in a coating for your concrete patio in Maryland, you want it to last. The good news is, if you care for it properly, you can expect it to last from one season to the next, especially if you go with something like the Sunstone concrete coating. This coating is meant to last for years. Of course, if you fail to take care of your concrete coating, it will deteriorate and you will have to replace it earlier than expected. Fortunately, if you follow some tips, your coating will look great over the years.

Keep It Clean

If the concrete patio at your Maryland home builds up dirt and debris, the coating won’t last as long as it should. Sweep and wash it on a regular basis so it will stay clean. Don’t be afraid to take the pressure washer out to eliminate the excess dirt and grime.

Keep It Sealed

You need to keep your patio sealed so it stays protected. Apply a new sealer every year so the coating lasts. If you notice that it doesn’t need a new sealer every year, then you can apply one every two years. Don’t wait longer than every two years, though.

Even Out the Foot Traffic

If you have an area that is prone to heavy foot traffic, redirect the traffic to another area. If everyone walks one way, the coating in that area will be prone to wear and tear. However, if you even out the foot traffic, your concrete coating will be likely to last much longer.

If you take care of the concrete patio outside of your Maryland home or business, your coating should last for years. Follow these tips so you don’t have to replace your coating anytime in the near future.

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What Color Flake Can Do For Your Concrete

Color flake epoxy floor

Color flake epoxy floor

When you think of concrete flooring, do you picture a dull expanse of gray? What many people think of when they picture concrete flooring is what concrete flooring used to be. Today, there is a wide variety of options available to customize and enhance concrete floors. One of the most popular options in Virginia is color flake. If you are considering color flake floors, be sure to make Sundek of Washington your first call.

Trust Sundek for Beautiful Epoxy Color Flake Floors in Virginia

Color flake is a popular method for adding color to epoxy or polyaspartic flooring. This option consists of colored acrylic paint chips that are broadcast over the epoxy or polyaspartic coating to create a solid- or multicolored effect. If you choose Sundek flooring, such as the SunEpoxy or SunOne system, you have 25 solid color choices and 12 multicolored options available to you through the SunChip color flake system. The colored paint chips range in size from 1/8 inch all the way up to 1 inch, and the colors range from various shades of brown and tan to grays, blues, greens, and reds.

To help you choose the perfect combination of Sundek products for your color flake flooring, you need to understand what color flake does to concrete. The color flake doesn’t actually color the concrete itself. It is broadcast over a layer of thin mil epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating before it dries. Depending how many of the color flakes you use and how highly concentrated your application is, the visual effect will be different. When applied correctly, color flakes can give your flooring the appearance of natural stone, like terrazzo or granite.

Once you have chosen your color flake flooring, all that is left is to install it! You will be glad to know that Sundek of Washington is the Virginia area’s leading provider of superior decorative concrete products, like color flake. Call today for more information about our services.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Concrete Colors in Maryland

Concrete Restoration Project - Before & After

Concrete Restoration Project – Before & After

One of the best ways to maximize the use of your outdoor space is to build a new walkway or patio. For outdoor surfaces that stand the test of time, consider decorative concrete products like those offered by Sundek. Sundek offers a wide range of outdoor concrete colors, so you can choose the option that best suits your Maryland home.

Sundek Products for Outdoor Concrete

If you want to create a unique look with your outdoor surfaces, decorative concrete products from Sundek are the way to go. For walkways and driveways, the best options include the Classic Texture system and the SunSplash system. Both of these options are acrylic spray-on coatings that can be customized with any of Sundek’s 16 signature colors, which range from Oyster White to Brick Red. If you want something that will reflect sunlight and keep cool in the summer, choose a lighter color, like Franciscan Tan or Tweed Gray. If you want more depth of color, choose something like Sable or Terra Cotta.

When it comes to stamped and stained outdoor concrete, you have an entirely different array of options. The SunH20 water-based concrete stain, for example, can be applied over stamped and stained concrete products for your outdoor patio or pool deck. This stain comes in 26 vivid color options, including various shades of brown, blue, and green, as well as shades of yellow and red. You can further customize your outdoor concrete surfaces with a colored acrylic finish coat, like the SunColor system, which comes in all 16 of Sundek’s signature color options.

When you are ready to upgrade to new decorative concrete surfaces, be sure to make Sundek of Washington your first call. Not only are we one of Maryland’s premier providers of quality decorative concrete products, but our experienced and licensed concrete contractors will install the products for you. View our product catalog online or call today for more information.

Installing a Colored Concrete Pool Deck

There is no better way to enjoy the warm summer months than to spend it outdoors in your very own pool. While the pool is the part most people focus on, it is important not to neglect the area surrounding it – the pool deck. Fortunately, there are many options for a concrete pool deck in Washington that ensure durability, low maintenance, and safety.

Concrete Pool Deck by Sundek of Washington

Concrete Pool Deck by Sundek of Washington

Tips for Colored Concrete Pool Decks

The beauty of decorative concrete is that it is a highly versatile and customizable material. If you choose a quality decorative concrete installer, like Sundek of Washington, you have a wide variety of options – especially when it comes to colored concrete for your pool deck. Some of the color options you might consider include:

White or Beige – If you aren’t sure what color will match your home, it never hurts to go with a nice sandy white or light beige concrete pool deck. Light colors help reflect sunlight, keeping the pool deck cooler.

Earth Tones – If you want to show off your landscaping in addition to your pool, choose a nice earth tone, like tan, brown, or terra cotta, for your pool deck. These colors are also ideal if you are going for a natural or rustic appearance.

Blue or Gray – Don’t be afraid to use dark blues and grays as accent colors for your pool deck – they can give your concrete pool deck the look of weathered slate or flagstone.

Multicolored – If you are feeling creative, you can go with a multicolored concrete pool deck – this is a great option if you are trying to achieve the look of natural stone.

There are many different ways to customize a pool deck, but nothing is better than colored concrete. If you have decided that you want a colored concrete pool deck for your Washington-area home or business, make Sundek of Washington your first call.