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What Does the Installation of Concrete Toppings in Maryland Involve?

When it comes to the application of concrete toppings in Maryland homes, it is important to hire a reputable installer. Even so, you will appreciate your new floors by learning some of the basics of what installation involves. Concrete toppings are used to create unique textures, colors, and patterns on the top of an existing concrete surface.

Sundek Concrete Topping Systems

Sundek Concrete Topping Systems

To restore and enhance an existing concrete floor, one showing signs of wear, discoloration, or damage, concrete toppings for your Maryland home are ideal. However, any significant cracks, flaking, spalling, and other damage must first be repaired. The tools and equipment used for the job depend on the size of the project, but also the aesthetic that you want to achieve.

Prior to installation, the concrete surface is prepared. This includes cleaning, removing existing coatings, profiling, which consists of enhancing the surface’s roughness, and making sure there will be a good bond with the topping material. Without the installer going through each of these steps, the concrete toppings for your Maryland home would be subpar.

Although concrete toppings are applied in different thicknesses, anywhere from 1/8 of an inch up to ¾ of an inch depending on the system installed. The installer selects a high-quality product like SunStamp, SunSplash, SunStone, or something similar. From there, the overlay is mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. One trick many professionals use is to accurately measure water into a bucket. To ensure every batch is identical, a hole is drilled in the side of the bucket at the water line.

Once the product is properly mixed, it is then applied by a trowel, or hopper gun. Because some overlays are self-leveling, they are often squeegeed to cover the entire surface. Many techniques can be used to create texture and patterns onto the concrete topping.  Score lines, stamp textures, trowel textures and more can be accomplished by the installer. Not only does this give concrete overlays for your Maryland home a unique aesthetic, it creates a non-slip surface. After completely drying, your new floor is ready to be enjoyed.

Concrete Patios at Virginia Homes and Businesses are Extraordinary

Instead of wood, concrete patios for both Virginia homes and businesses have become the preferred choice. Unlike wood that has to be frequently stained and sealed, not to mention repaired when wood rots or warps, most concrete patios and other concrete surfaces are sealed approximately once a year and they typically have a much longer lifespan.

Sundek Concrete Patios For Home and Business

Sundek Concrete Patios For Home and Business

Simply put, concrete patios for Virginia homes and businesses outshine wood along with other materials. When decorative concrete is applied by a professional, the results are not just ordinary, but extraordinary. Very quickly, your home will become the place where family and friends like to congregate.

Versatility is one reason for the growing popularity of concrete patios in Virginia. Not only is concrete easily formed into any preferred shape, but when choosing decorative concrete, you have a choice of incredible colors, patterns, and textures. Using a product like SunStamp, the installer can create a concrete patio surface that looks like genuine slate, brick, stone, and even hardwood.

Due to the versatility of decorative concrete, you have the opportunity to transform your patio while, at the same time, enhancing the entire backyard space. Considering other elements, like a swimming pool, pond, or landscaping, you can choose specific colors, patterns, or textures that create a beautiful cohesive look.

Durability is another reason why so many home and business owners in Virginia prefer concrete patios. As long as concrete is sealed using a product like SunClear EcoProtect, it can withstand various weather conditions. Many of the products available today offer stain, impact, and scratch resistance. Of the different decorative techniques, stamped concrete combined with multiple coats of sealer will outlast any masonry installation.

Concrete patios for Virginia homes and businesses are easy to clean and maintain. Because concrete is a solid surface, you never have to worry about weeds or grass sprouting up through joints. This also means the patio is perfectly level, creating a safer walking surface. As for cleaning, hosing the surface off with a garden hose works great.

Top 5 Reasons to Leave Concrete Crack Repair to a Professional

Concrete crack repair and resurfacing.

Concrete crack repair and resurfacing.

Cracks are a common problem associated with concrete. Unfortunately, many people choose a do-it-yourself repair kit as opposed to having a Washington professional perform concrete crack repair. Even among the “best” DIY kits, seldom does the repair last. Even more importantly, the underlying cause is not identified. That means that cracks will likely continue to be a problem.

There are five primary reasons to have concrete crack repair in Washington performed by a true professional.

  1. Protection Against Liability – Cracked concrete in commercial or industrial spaces should always be repaired by a professional. In these work environments, repairs are taken seriously. If a crack is not repaired correctly, someone can trip and fall, thereby sustaining injury. That scenario creates the risk for liability. When someone qualified repairs concrete cracks, the risk diminishes dramatically.
  2. Maintaining Property Value – Homes and businesses with cracked concrete have less value, especially when the cracks are severe. With professional concrete crack repair in Washington, not only does the property maintain value but also the cracks will not worsen. The expert will grind the crack open, followed by applying a layer of bonding adhesive. To restore the area to its original aesthetic, the professional can apply epoxy, a coating, or a clear sealer, like SunClear EcoProtect or SunClear UltraProtect.
  1. Preventing the Crack from Worsening – Preventing the problem from getting worse is another important reason for hiring a professional to deal with cracked concrete in Washington homes and businesses. The expert will not only repair the crack but also identify the underlying cause. Based on the findings, corrective measures are taken. This reduces or eliminates future cracks from developing.
  1. Keeping Employees Safe – Cracked concrete floors, as well as walls and even countertops in some commercial and industrial environments, can be harmful to employees. In environments where potentially hazardous chemicals are used, contaminants can get inside of cracks. For people working in areas with cracks that have been exposed, this creates a serious risk. Especially in a situation like this, it is imperative to use the services of a professional.
  1. Achieving Perfection – A licensed Washington contractor or trained installer has specific skills for repairing concrete cracks. Along with incredible skill, a professional has access to the highest-quality products on the market. Once the job is complete, you will not be able to distinguish the repair from the surrounding area. When there are multiple cracks, the professional can perform concrete rejuvenation as opposed to installing an entirely new floor.

How to Balance the Design of a Concrete Patio with Landscaping Elements

Concrete Patio Design

Concrete Patio Design

Often, people interested in concrete patios in Washington focus solely on the patio without considering the surrounding area. As a result, nearby elements, including architectural features of the home, pool area, and even backyard landscaping, are not considered in the patio design. Often, this creates a disconnected look and feel.

For many concrete patios in Washington, the best way to create a seamless flow from one area to another is by considering various landscaping elements. When done correctly, the finished project is stunning. By taking both areas into account, the entire backyard is cohesive and, therefore, more aesthetically pleasing. Regardless if you want a new patio installed or an existing patio updated, it is important to consider the landscaping in the overall design.

Typically, landscaping has a specific theme, color, or design. Using that, you will end up with an amazing patio area. If the landscaping design includes pops of red or orange, a product like SunAcid is perfect. Not only is this stain colorfast, meaning that it will not fade when exposed to UV light, it comes in rich tones, including Buckskin, Cola, and Terra Cotta. Any one of these complementary colors will tie the patio and landscaping together.

Concrete patios in Washington can also be designed with exposed aggregate. Especially for landscaping that incorporates different sized rocks, this is an ideal choice. In this case, something like SunStamp is excellent. This decorative concrete application is a combination of old-world charm and modern technology. By adding exposed aggregate, the desired cohesive look is achieved.

Even when landscaping consists primarily of trees and plants, it is possible to design concrete patios in Washington that blend perfectly. Regardless of the decorative concrete application, the right color or colors create a seamless flow. Obviously, varying shades of green work great. However, for an extraordinary design, consider having a border installed around the patio floor in a contrasting color. Either way, the entire backyard space will look amazing.

Trendy Design Options for a Concrete Pool Deck in Maryland

Herringbone Brick around a Concrete Pool Deck

Herringbone Brick around a Concrete Pool Deck

Regardless if you plan to have a pool installed in your backyard or you simply want to change the appearance of an existing deck, you should consider some of the trendiest design options available. What makes this so exciting is that for a concrete pool deck in Maryland, you have an abundance of possibilities. Based on your personal preference, you can go with something subtle or extravagant.

Having a decorative design applied to a concrete pool deck in Maryland is definitely a trendy choice. In particular, many people choose two different decorative overlays. For instance, while the pool deck is applied with SunStone, an architectural limestone coating, a border consisting of exposed aggregate can be added. This look is both unique and interesting. Another option is to have one decorative coating applied to the pool deck and a complementary coating to an attached hot tub enclosure or swim-up bar countertop. Overall, this enhances the entire pool area.

Another trend for a concrete pool deck in Maryland involves the application of different colors. Using SunFlek as an example, color combinations like Granite and Smoke or Shawnee Red and Pinto look gorgeous. While these combinations are very similar, you can go for more contrast with Blue Coral and Sky.

Creating a nonslip surface on a Maryland concrete pool deck is also in high demand. Obviously, safety around the water is always a priority. Again, SunFlek is ideal since it can be added to an epoxy matrix and then sealed with a uniquely formulated polyurethane or clear epoxy. This ensures a strong, durable, and slip-resistant surface without compromising on appearance.

Although both stained and stamped concrete have been long-time favorites, they are still two of today’s trendiest choices for concrete pool decks in Maryland. Either application achieves numerous designs. Two different designs can be used to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. If preferred, you can go with just one design. Regardless, these applications will not disappoint.