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Colored Concrete Goes Well Beyond Floors in Washington Homes

Like most people, you probably immediately think of floors when talking about colored concrete. Although this is one of the top applications chosen by homeowners in Washington, it is not the only one. Regardless if you are interested in sprucing up the interior or exterior of your home, you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary by having decorative concrete installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Sundek Colored concrete for your home

Colored concrete for your home

Just imagine welcoming people into your Washington home that features a stamped concrete floor in your grand foyer. Along with the benefits that this type of flooring system provides, including durability and ease of cleaning, you have a choice of beautiful colors and patterns. For example, you could choose a gray stamped concrete floor that replicates cobblestone in the foyer, complemented by black concrete stairs leading to the top floor.

For a hearth room, a professional installer can apply a polished concrete overlay to the wall boasting a massive fireplace. Again, you have several incredible color choices, so choose whatever coordinates with the room’s theme or color scheme. For a wow factor, have polished concrete applied to the fireplace surrounds, as well, using a concrete color that plays off the wall.

Concrete colored with acid stain is yet another excellent option, which has two special features. First, because the acid stain penetrates the concrete, it is a permanent solution. Second, after the stain penetrates, it reacts to chemicals in the concrete to create a variegated and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. When you have a product like SunAcid applied, people who walk into the room will be blown away by its magnificent beauty and uniqueness.

Other surfaces that benefit from colored concrete include kitchen and bathroom countertops, water features, fire pits, pool decks, patio columns, and much more. In reality, the only limitation is your imagination. Turn your home into a masterpiece by using colored concrete on more than just the floors.

Making Summer More Fun and Safer at Washington Outdoor Water Parks That Feature Concrete Pool Decks

Splash pad water park

Many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Outdoor water parks in Washington provide a fun summertime adventure for people of all ages. You and the family can float down a lazy river, zoom down spiraling slides, go around and around in a whirlpool, dive off diving boards of varying heights, or simply swim. To make your time more fun, as well as safer, many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Hearing the word “concrete” may have you questioning how a trip to a Washington outdoor water park would be safer, but it is. The reason is that expert installers use special types of finishes. In other words, the concrete is not bare. As an example, Classic Texture, a top-of-the-line product by Sundek, is specially formulated to be cool to the touch and slip-resistant. That means that little feet are not burned and there is less risk of injury.

To make a trip to a Washington outdoor water park more fun, the installer can add color to the coating used for concrete pool decks. With such a broad range of color choices, some parks feature more than one. Whether a single color or mixed and matched colors, this along with patterns and textures give pool decks unique personality and character and make them safer.

SunSplash also bolsters fun and safety at outdoor water parks in Washington. This acrylic spray texture coating makes concrete pool decks look great. In addition to not being affected by salts and various environmental pollutants, it is perfect for high-traffic areas around the pool thanks to its skid-resistant feature. This coating can be customized with masonry effects, aggregates, and score lines that further enhance the walking surfaces around the pool. For optimal results, these businesses rely on qualified installers who use the best products on the market.

What Are Some Decorative Concrete Systems for Art Galleries and Museums?

Interior Concrete Floor

Interior Decorative Concrete Floor

There are other reasons for choosing certain decorative concrete systems, such as enhancing certain artwork or sculptures and even guiding visitors to major displays or other areas within the gallery or museum.

You may not realize that the floors in Maryland art galleries and museums are carefully chosen. When you walk in, you immediately notice the floor. For that reason, it needs to make an immediate statement and have a positive impact on visitors. 

To answer the question as to which decorative concrete systems are best for art galleries and museums in Maryland, there is no clear answer. Typically, the flooring solution depends on what the curators want to accomplish. As an example, if the goal is to showcase an entire room of work, a variegated acid-stained floor using a product like SunH20 would be perfect. On the other hand, to highlight a single piece of art, a polished flooring system may be used because of its incredible shine and the way that objects reflect.

The type of gallery or museum in Maryland would be considered when looking at different decorative concrete systems. For instance, if a museum focuses solely on Western history where artwork, old saddles, ranching devices, and other related items are on display, stamped concrete that perfectly resembles natural hardwood or brick would be ideal. However, a modern museum with Monet masterpieces would require a more refined and sophisticated flooring solution.

To determine which decorative concrete systems are best, several things have to be considered. Although some art galleries and museums maintain the same type of flooring throughout, a growing number of places have learned the importance of using different techniques, colors, patterns, and textures based on what works for the type of gallery or museum. Other factors include the sophistication of the works of art, architectural features on the interior of the building, the volume of visitors, and lighting.

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Stamped Concrete: The Perfect Alternative to Pavers and Natural Stone for Washington Walkways

If you have been thinking of having a new walkway installed, there is a good chance that your first option was pavers. Not to say that there is anything terribly wrong with pavers, just that stamped concrete used for Washington walkways is actually a better choice. Now that you know that, it is to your advantage to learn why.

Stamped Concrete by Sundek of Washington

Sundek SunStamp Award Winning Project

Choosing stamped concrete in place of pavers and natural stones is actually an environmentally-friendly choice. Although the process of stamping concrete is made to replicate the appearance of natural materials, including wood, stone, brick, slate, and more, there is no impact on the environment. Instead, your Washington walkway will only look as if it is made from a natural material. Because your new concrete walkway will probably outlast your home, no resources go to waste.

Enhanced safety is another reason for choosing stamped concrete for your walkway. When natural stone and pavers get wet, they get slippery. Therefore, during periods of rain and snow, or even early in the morning when dew is on the ground, someone could easily take a nasty fall. In comparison, stamped concrete can be applied to your walkways in such a way that makes the surface slip-resistant. This is accomplished by using the right products, technique or by adding aggregates or additives to the mix.

One advantage of stamped concrete that many Washington residents appreciate is that when applied to walkways and other outdoor surfaces, there is very little maintenance and upkeep. When properly installed and sealed, stamped concrete is strong and durable. If you are worried about small cracks showing up over time, which happens, you can always choose a beautiful textured pattern that will help hide them.

You also have tremendous color options specific to stamped concrete, something limited with natural stone and pavers. Whether choosing a product like Classic Texture or SunStamp, you will enjoy far more benefits with outdoor stamped concrete for the walkways at your Washington home than you will with the alternative solution.

Color Flake Added to Epoxy Floors at Maryland Retail Stores Creates a Clear Advantage Over the Competition

With thousands of retail stores in Maryland, owners have to do things that set their business apart from the competition. Obviously, this means selling an exceptional product or service, but it goes beyond that. Studies show that the color scheme and design of retail stores has an impact on consumers’ perception, which affects buying habits.

ColorFlake Epoxy Floor Retail Stores

ColorFlake Epoxy Floor Retail Stores

When consumers enter a retail store, they want to feel welcomed. In addition, most are eager to hit certain areas before others, including the location of sales items and new arrivals. As an excellent way to make a good first impression, but also guide shoppers in the right direction, some Maryland store owners have discovered the benefits of colored flake floors.

Because color flake floors in Maryland retail stores are gorgeous, they entice people to enter. Once inside the store, special colors or design effects are used to direct people to different areas. For instance, choose black with a small amount of silver flakes for the main floor along with guiding lines of heavy silver. Immediately, people will follow where the heavy silver lines lead.

Another option for using color flake floors in Maryland retail stores is to use two completely different colors that complement one another. For instance, if the main floor area is light blue and the lines or graphics are in dark blue, people will automatically feel compelled to see where the darker colored floor goes.

What makes the use of color flake floors in Maryland retail stores so interesting is that people are guided without even knowing it. Compared to the competition that has a solid colored floor, this gives you a clear advantage.

Color flake comes in many different colors, as well as volume, including light, medium, heavy, and full. Even the size of the flakes varies, stating with 1/8-inch going all the way up to 1/32-inch. When certain products are used, including SunMetal FX, as well as others, you will be amazed at the growth in your business.