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Stamped Concrete: The Perfect Alternative to Pavers and Natural Stone for Washington Walkways

If you have been thinking of having a new walkway installed, there is a good chance that your first option was pavers. Not to say that there is anything terribly wrong with pavers, just that stamped concrete used for Washington walkways is actually a better choice. Now that you know that, it is to your advantage to learn why.

Stamped Concrete by Sundek of Washington

Sundek SunStamp Award Winning Project

Choosing stamped concrete in place of pavers and natural stones is actually an environmentally-friendly choice. Although the process of stamping concrete is made to replicate the appearance of natural materials, including wood, stone, brick, slate, and more, there is no impact on the environment. Instead, your Washington walkway will only look as if it is made from a natural material. Because your new concrete walkway will probably outlast your home, no resources go to waste.

Enhanced safety is another reason for choosing stamped concrete for your walkway. When natural stone and pavers get wet, they get slippery. Therefore, during periods of rain and snow, or even early in the morning when dew is on the ground, someone could easily take a nasty fall. In comparison, stamped concrete can be applied to your walkways in such a way that makes the surface slip-resistant. This is accomplished by using the right products, technique or by adding aggregates or additives to the mix.

One advantage of stamped concrete that many Washington residents appreciate is that when applied to walkways and other outdoor surfaces, there is very little maintenance and upkeep. When properly installed and sealed, stamped concrete is strong and durable. If you are worried about small cracks showing up over time, which happens, you can always choose a beautiful textured pattern that will help hide them.

You also have tremendous color options specific to stamped concrete, something limited with natural stone and pavers. Whether choosing a product like Classic Texture or SunStamp, you will enjoy far more benefits with outdoor stamped concrete for the walkways at your Washington home than you will with the alternative solution.

Color Flake Added to Epoxy Floors at Maryland Retail Stores Creates a Clear Advantage Over the Competition

With thousands of retail stores in Maryland, owners have to do things that set their business apart from the competition. Obviously, this means selling an exceptional product or service, but it goes beyond that. Studies show that the color scheme and design of retail stores has an impact on consumers’ perception, which affects buying habits.

ColorFlake Epoxy Floor Retail Stores

ColorFlake Epoxy Floor Retail Stores

When consumers enter a retail store, they want to feel welcomed. In addition, most are eager to hit certain areas before others, including the location of sales items and new arrivals. As an excellent way to make a good first impression, but also guide shoppers in the right direction, some Maryland store owners have discovered the benefits of colored flake floors.

Because color flake floors in Maryland retail stores are gorgeous, they entice people to enter. Once inside the store, special colors or design effects are used to direct people to different areas. For instance, choose black with a small amount of silver flakes for the main floor along with guiding lines of heavy silver. Immediately, people will follow where the heavy silver lines lead.

Another option for using color flake floors in Maryland retail stores is to use two completely different colors that complement one another. For instance, if the main floor area is light blue and the lines or graphics are in dark blue, people will automatically feel compelled to see where the darker colored floor goes.

What makes the use of color flake floors in Maryland retail stores so interesting is that people are guided without even knowing it. Compared to the competition that has a solid colored floor, this gives you a clear advantage.

Color flake comes in many different colors, as well as volume, including light, medium, heavy, and full. Even the size of the flakes varies, stating with 1/8-inch going all the way up to 1/32-inch. When certain products are used, including SunMetal FX, as well as others, you will be amazed at the growth in your business.

Top 5 Reasons to Leave Concrete Crack Repair to a Professional

Concrete crack repair and resurfacing.

Concrete crack repair and resurfacing.

Cracks are a common problem associated with concrete. Unfortunately, many people choose a do-it-yourself repair kit as opposed to having a Washington professional perform concrete crack repair. Even among the “best” DIY kits, seldom does the repair last. Even more importantly, the underlying cause is not identified. That means that cracks will likely continue to be a problem.

There are five primary reasons to have concrete crack repair in Washington performed by a true professional.

  1. Protection Against Liability – Cracked concrete in commercial or industrial spaces should always be repaired by a professional. In these work environments, repairs are taken seriously. If a crack is not repaired correctly, someone can trip and fall, thereby sustaining injury. That scenario creates the risk for liability. When someone qualified repairs concrete cracks, the risk diminishes dramatically.
  2. Maintaining Property Value – Homes and businesses with cracked concrete have less value, especially when the cracks are severe. With professional concrete crack repair in Washington, not only does the property maintain value but also the cracks will not worsen. The expert will grind the crack open, followed by applying a layer of bonding adhesive. To restore the area to its original aesthetic, the professional can apply epoxy, a coating, or a clear sealer, like SunClear EcoProtect or SunClear UltraProtect.
  1. Preventing the Crack from Worsening – Preventing the problem from getting worse is another important reason for hiring a professional to deal with cracked concrete in Washington homes and businesses. The expert will not only repair the crack but also identify the underlying cause. Based on the findings, corrective measures are taken. This reduces or eliminates future cracks from developing.
  1. Keeping Employees Safe – Cracked concrete floors, as well as walls and even countertops in some commercial and industrial environments, can be harmful to employees. In environments where potentially hazardous chemicals are used, contaminants can get inside of cracks. For people working in areas with cracks that have been exposed, this creates a serious risk. Especially in a situation like this, it is imperative to use the services of a professional.
  1. Achieving Perfection – A licensed Washington contractor or trained installer has specific skills for repairing concrete cracks. Along with incredible skill, a professional has access to the highest-quality products on the market. Once the job is complete, you will not be able to distinguish the repair from the surrounding area. When there are multiple cracks, the professional can perform concrete rejuvenation as opposed to installing an entirely new floor.

Decorative Concrete in Maryland Is Becoming a Top Choice for Call Centers

Interior Concrete Floor

Interior Decorative Concrete Floor

At call centers, groups of employees provide customer service via phone calls. If a problem cannot be resolved at the initial level, it is then escalated to a more qualified technician or supervisor. Typically, call centers are quite large, which means there is a significant amount of floor space.

Customer service representatives, also known as call takers, receive a broad range of calls. Some customers are nice and understanding while others are so aggravated that they make verbal attacks on the very people who are trying to help them. As imagined, this can be a high-stress job. To help reduce stress at Maryland call centers, decorative concrete can be used to create a comfortable and enjoyable work environment.

Decorative concrete is available in a variety of beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. Ultimately, this flooring system serves as the foundation for the overall scheme. Instead of a white floor that appears cold and sterile, floors with rich, warm tones make call centers feel more inviting and safe.

There are endless possibilities for colors, patterns, and textures. One option is stamped concrete, such as SunStamp, which combines old world sophistication with modern-day technology. Depending on the stamp used, the finished floor looks like natural stone, slate, travertine, marble, and so on. However, stamped concrete is also used to replicate hardwood, brick, and many other design aesthetics.

Decorative concrete is a great choice for Maryland call centers since both cleaning and maintenance are easy. Cleaning consists of nothing more than sweeping and mopping as needed. For maintenance, after the floor is initially sealed, a new coat of sealer should be applied every two to three years. With this extra layer of protection, the floor retains its beautiful color.

There is also the durability factor associated with decorative concrete in Washington call centers. Considering the high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis, the flooring system has to be able to withstand a lot of use and abuse. Fortunately, decorative concrete is proven to outlast most other materials, making it an excellent investment.

Because decorative concrete resists dust, mold, and various other allergens, the work environment is safer and healthier. This reduces sick days, which increases work production. If you own or manage a Maryland call center, decorative concrete is well worth serious consideration. Overall, you will notice an improvement in worker attitude, which equates to more satisfied customers.

Stained Concrete in Virginia Dance Studios Helps Inspire Students

Millions of students take dance lessons. While some students dance for fun, others focus on a promising future. Not only do students attend college for dance, many also compete on local, state, and national levels. There are also professional dancers who entertain on Broadway, television shows, and more.

Sundek of Washington Colored Concrete

Sundek of Washington Colored Concrete

Regardless of the level of expertise or the ultimate dream, dance studio owners need to provide students with a place that inspires them. This is why many owners choose stained concrete for Virginia dance studios. Dancers use their bodies to show expression and to relay a story. Having a dance studio designed with the right colors and textures helps promote creativity.

In addition to aesthetics, it is imperative for students to have a “good” floor on which to dance. This promotes better dancing and fewer injuries. With the right textured finish, stained concrete in Virginia dance studios accomplishes this goal.

Stained concrete for Virginia dance studios is also available in a broad range of colors. Although some dance studio owners prefer a more industrial look, other teachers understand how important vibrant color and color movement are to students. With a mirror-like reflection, the color pops.

For ballroom dancing, careful planning goes into the flooring system. For this genre, the floor must be smooth and non-slippery. Because students are taught to slide their feet, they need a fast surface. Although stained concrete flooring in Virginia dance studios may not be ideal for some forms of dance, it works beautifully for many. In addition, stained concrete can be used on the studio’s walls.

By being inspired by stained concrete in Virginia studios, many students dance with more emotion. In the case of ballroom dancers, because they glide seamlessly and with less effort, students feel more confident. When designing a dance studio floor, a great product is Sundek’s SunAcid. With this permanent coloration solution, the floor resembles granite or marble.