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Recommended Concrete Overlays for Your Driveway

concrete drivewayThose who are tired of how a plain concrete driveway looks may choose to use concrete overlays. The overlay is a cement-based material that will be applied over your concrete driveway. There are many options for concrete overlays. The popular ones are coloring, stamping and engraving.


You have a lot of options in terms of color. This technique can be used whether you want earthly colors or the vibrant ones. All colors are basically available. However, some suppliers may have a limited color palette so make sure to shop around.
What’s good about colored overlays is that it does not matter whether your driveway is new or old. However, it is important that the concrete used is consistent. Variations on the type or brand of cement or even the ratio of water and cement may affect the concrete’s absorption of color. It is also an affordable option for a concrete driveway’s overlay.


Contractors also use the stamping technique for concrete driveways. It can be used to mimic bricks or slates. Companies are usually flexible in terms of the patterns. There are also many options for the color. The options on thickness range from ¼ to ¾ inch.
Stamping can be used for exterior or interior walls. It may be used for old and new concrete driveways but not on one that’s severely damaged (i.e. with cracks). This overlay is just right for driveways because it is durable.


Engraving is another option for concrete overlays. With this technique, your driveway will be stained before a pattern is engraved. The lines would retain the color of concrete. Sealers would then be applied.
It can also be used for old and new concrete driveways but repairs must be done if there are cracks. For new concrete driveways, you must wait three to four weeks before doing engraving.

Hot Concrete Colors for 2012

Changing the color of your flooring once in a while can be refreshing. It creates a different look and mood to your space—be it your home, office, garage, or patio. While there are many options in the market—paint and tiles, among others—these could be too messy and too time consuming to perform and apply. Good thing there is what we call concrete staining.

Concrete staining (acid or water-based) is becoming popular nowadays. It is one of the easiest ways to transform the grey and dull flooring you have to something that is colorful and vibrant.

But before deciding to have your flooring stained, consider planning the color you want to have or to achieve. If you want a unique color for your space, acid staining is your best bet. If you want something that is more opaque and outstanding, choose water-based or dye staining. Also consider what the hot concrete colors for 2012 are.

If you are going for acid staining, some of the in demand colors today are reddish earth tones, greens, and browns. These colors will bring the impression that your flooring is made of expensive stone.

As for the dye stains, the hot concrete colors for 2012 are those that are bright and vibrant colors. This type of stain gives a broader range of colors and it is up to you to pick your own choice. The colors are mostly opaque but there are also translucent ones.

So what are you waiting for? Decide which of the hot concrete colors for 2012 you would like to be your floor coloring. It’s about time you transform your space and create a good and lively mood to it. Ask the assistance of an expert in helping you change your flooring so you get the result you would like to achieve.

Garage Floor Coating – Polyurea Polyaspartic 101

The figure 101 mentioned in connection with the above title – garage floor coating Polyurea Polyaspartic 101, conjures up an image of a complete beginner in the business of concrete flooring, playing with Polyurea Polyaspartic. Garage flooring Washington DC companies, not beginners, for the most part, use these two epoxy compounds on most garage floor jobs. Combining Polyurea and Polyaspartic for use as a concrete garage floor overlay is guaranteed to add strength and longevity to the job. Garage floors Washington DC firms recommend these two compounds and it is very rare that a customer will not accept this recommendation; the advantages out-weight the disadvantages. Aside from its strength and durability, the combination of Polyurea and Polyaspartic is also able to be applied relatively quickly as it has a short drying or curing time. This means Garage finishing Washington DC outfits are able to complete jobs in a few days rather than a few weeks; which used to be the case thirty years ago. As is documented, Polyurea alone is a very strong resin, offering more than 6000psi. Should both Polyurea and the relatively new Polyaspartic be combined you have effectively increased its psi to almost double. It is the strength of products that garage flooring specialists are constantly on the look out for. In years to come, there’ll be, no doubt, another new substance on the market which will out-do the incredible properties of Polyurea and Polyaspartic. It goes without saying; all garage flooring or finishing Washington DC companies will snap up that new compound when it is finally invented.

Things to Consider in Resurfacing Garage Floors

The garage in most modern houses is probably one of the most important spaces in the home. There is no doubt that the garage floor has to put up with the harshest treatment, on a daily basis, of any other floor in the entire home. Eventually this wear and tear wins the battle for survival and the floor has to be resurfaced.

Garage floors Washington DC firms are able to resurface garage floors with the latest in overlay products, thus giving homeowners many more years of car, truck and motorcycle parking comfort. Indeed without the garage flooring Washington DC companies in this state, there would be a great many garage floors in need of resurfacing. The first thing a person needs to consider prior to ordering a contractor to repair a garage floor is what type of overlay or resurfacing is best. In order to find out which kind of resurfacing best suits a particular garage; visiting one of the many garage refinishing Washington DC companies and bending the ear of an expert.

Customers are asked questions like what type of vehicles are usually parked in their garage, is any engine maintenance performed on these vehicles; does the customer wish to have a brightly colored floor or just a standard non-color epoxy covering and so forth. Most experts will recommend a colored epoxy overlay. The reason for this recommendation is that when working on a vehicle, tools as well as parts are easily seen.

If the customer chooses a dark color; finding lost screws, bolts and drivers is going to be a real pain in the butt. Another consideration is cost. If money is not a problem, go for the most expensive and long-lasting garage surfacing job on the market. If, on the other hand, money doesn’t grow on a tree in the backyard, try negotiating a monthly payment plan. Finally, consider everything – how thick you want the resurfacing, color, the entire garage or only part of it, and so forth.


If you’re looking to revive your backyard, why not consider turning it into a zen garden? Zen gardens originated in Japan, but are becoming increasingly popular in the Washington area, and all over North America.

The most important parts of a zen garden are the stones and rocks. A great option to enhance the look and accessibility of your garden is to add a stone pathway through it. This can be done using traditional stone paving, but a cheaper alternative is using concrete. Concrete can be stamped or engraved to replicate the appearance of real stone, and coloured or stained any way you want.

Another great feature of a zen garden is adding a small pond or fountain. Fish can also be added to the pond for some added colour and beauty. If the pond is large enough, stepping stones or even a small bridge can be added. The sound of a fountain, either as part of the pool or standing on its own, can help create a tranquil atmosphere for your garden.

Pagoda lights are pieces of carved stone designed to hold candles or tea lights. There can be a great feature, but be aware of the fire hazards involved.

There are so many options to make your backyard an area of peace and relaxation. It’s a good idea to speak with a decorative concrete contractor or landscaper, in order to find out what works best in your space. There may also be repair, restoration or resurfacing options available for any existing concrete surfaces.

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