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Making Summer More Fun and Safer at Washington Outdoor Water Parks That Feature Concrete Pool Decks

Splash pad water park

Many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Outdoor water parks in Washington provide a fun summertime adventure for people of all ages. You and the family can float down a lazy river, zoom down spiraling slides, go around and around in a whirlpool, dive off diving boards of varying heights, or simply swim. To make your time more fun, as well as safer, many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Hearing the word “concrete” may have you questioning how a trip to a Washington outdoor water park would be safer, but it is. The reason is that expert installers use special types of finishes. In other words, the concrete is not bare. As an example, Classic Texture, a top-of-the-line product by Sundek, is specially formulated to be cool to the touch and slip-resistant. That means that little feet are not burned and there is less risk of injury.

To make a trip to a Washington outdoor water park more fun, the installer can add color to the coating used for concrete pool decks. With such a broad range of color choices, some parks feature more than one. Whether a single color or mixed and matched colors, this along with patterns and textures give pool decks unique personality and character and make them safer.

SunSplash also bolsters fun and safety at outdoor water parks in Washington. This acrylic spray texture coating makes concrete pool decks look great. In addition to not being affected by salts and various environmental pollutants, it is perfect for high-traffic areas around the pool thanks to its skid-resistant feature. This coating can be customized with masonry effects, aggregates, and score lines that further enhance the walking surfaces around the pool. For optimal results, these businesses rely on qualified installers who use the best products on the market.

Decorative Concrete Floors in Art Galleries and Museums Provide Visitors with an Entirely New Experience

Maryland is known for its many quality and diverse art galleries and museums, each worth visiting, whether as a state resident or out-of-town tourist. While it may be hard to believe that decorative concrete floors can change the experience that people have when visiting art galleries and museums in Maryland, they do.

Compared to other types of flooring solutions, decorative concrete floors are unique. These floors are treated with a variety of colors and techniques that make them stand out. Followed by being sealed with top quality sealer systems the top coat can produce an incredible shine. Although the degree of gloss varies based on the customer’s specifications, achieving a mirror-like finish is often the goal for art galleries and museums.

The sheen of sealed concrete floors is one reason why people enjoy a new experience. Regardless of the artwork or sculptures, everything reflects off the floor. Especially for brightly colored displays, those consisting of metal or glass, and displays of odd-shaped items, the reflection heightens the experience by making every detail more prominent.

Another unique aspect of glossy concrete floors is their color. Typically, Maryland art galleries and museums choose one color that complements or coordinates with the displays. This makes everything more vivid. However, some choose a primary color for the main areas and then different colors for rooms with special displays.

People going to art galleries and museums appreciate that concrete floors are always pristine. From every angle, these floors look amazing, void of any imperfections and beautifully colored and patterned. Visitors have a remarkable experience from the time they walk in the doors until they leave. For optimal results, only high-quality products, like SunOne or SunEpoxy 100, are used.

Transforming the Floors of Your Golf Pro Shop with Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlay in Pro Shop

Concrete Overlay in Pro Shop

Now that summer is fast approaching, this is the right time to get your pro golf shop ready for a busy season with a concrete overlay. In addition to offering your customers the latest gear and attire, you need to focus on the overall decor. As an example, start with a fresh coat of paint. From there, transform your old, gray concrete floors into something that you can be proud of.

With concrete overlays, you have the opportunity to wow your customers with a floor that is fresh, fun, and vibrant. Even your employees will find the work environment more enjoyable. Even if you stick with neutral colors, the full interior of Maryland your pro golf shop will look completely different. If your current countertops are also in disrepair, they too can be changed with overlays. You can upgrade using the same color, pattern, or texture of overlay for both surfaces. For a greater dynamic, mix things up.

One of the more popular options is stamped concrete overlays. With this solution, the inside of your pro shop can be enhanced, as well as the walkway outside leading up to the door. Whether using SunCanvas, SunStamp, Tuscan, Classic Texture, or some other quality Sundek product, you will be thrilled with the outcome. With stamped decorative concrete, your new floor will mimic whatever natural material you choose, rock, brick, wood, cobblestone, slate, and so on. When the project is complete, your Maryland golf pro shop will have character and charm that makes it more inviting.

In addition to the gorgeous aesthetic that comes from different concrete overlays, this is a great way to market your products. For example, the professional installer can create a specific design for the center of the floor. Whether choosing a design that relates to golf or having your company name or logo added, your Maryland pro golf shop will be more memorable.

Do Epoxy Coatings Make a Good Choice for Commercial Businesses?

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Like most people, you probably automatically think about industrial businesses or residential garages when it comes to epoxy coatings. Although epoxy floors are commonly found in both places, they are also an excellent choice for commercial businesses. Over the years, many advances have been made in epoxy products. This is clearly evident in superior products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

To determine if epoxy coatings are the right solution for your commercial business in Virginia, take the time to learn what this flooring solution is and the different benefits that it offers. To begin with, epoxy floors are made from a mixture of hardener and resin, which chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. Not only does epoxy adhere to concrete extremely well, it is amazingly strong, durable, and long-lasting.

For some reason, many people have the misconception that epoxy coatings are black. In reality, these floors are available in a variety of colors. These range from neutral colors, like tan and light gray, to bright and bold colors. In addition to the main color, metallic flakes in varying sizes and shapes can be added to give the floor an even more beautiful aesthetic.

Another reason for considering epoxy coatings for commercial businesses in Virginia is that they are low in volatile organic compounds, meaning they are safer and more environmentally friendly compared to other flooring solutions. Epoxy also resists moisture, stains, abrasions, and impacts, meaning that floors in commercial buildings will not be accidentally damaged. They are even easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, these floors look gorgeous even with heavy foot traffic.

Because epoxy coatings are so beautiful, functional, and beneficial, they make a perfect choice for all types of commercial businesses. Epoxy has become a popular choice for people who own and operate law firms, restaurants, day spas, hair salons, CPA firms, and other types of commercial businesses in Virginia.

Tips for Decorative Coatings in Creating a Cohesive Look at Chain Bars or Restaurants

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

People who own multiple bars in Virginia face a number of challenges. One involves trying to make all of the establishments unique yet cohesive. The goal is to provide patrons with the same outstanding food, drink, and service while giving them a different experience depending on which location they visit. An excellent way to overcome this obstacle is with decorative coatings.

One option is to choose the same type of decorative coatings but in a different color or color combination. For an example, a bar owner in Virginia could choose polished concrete floors for all of the locations. Instead of the same color for each, they would all be somewhat different while still being within the same color family.

Acid stains are another possibility for decorative coatings. For instance, a product like SunAcid would be ideal. Acid stain is reactive, which means after it is applied to concrete floors, it penetrates and then reacts with chemicals in the concrete. The result is stunning floors with a variegated or marbled design effect. However, because the reaction is different for every concrete floor, a bar owner could choose the same color but still get completely different outcomes at all of the locations.

Decorative coatings with added aggregates are also exceptional options. Following a cohesive color scheme, a bar owner could choose different sizes and types of aggregates to give each location its own character and personality. Even though the color is the same, the overall effect is different. For example, one bar may have a goldish-brown concrete floor enhanced with large river rocks while another bar has floors of the same color that are enhanced with small pebbles. Even unique borders of aggregate decorative coatings could be added.