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Tips for Decorative Coatings in Creating a Cohesive Look at Chain Bars or Restaurants

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

People who own multiple bars in Virginia face a number of challenges. One involves trying to make all of the establishments unique yet cohesive. The goal is to provide patrons with the same outstanding food, drink, and service while giving them a different experience depending on which location they visit. An excellent way to overcome this obstacle is with decorative coatings.

One option is to choose the same type of decorative coatings but in a different color or color combination. For an example, a bar owner in Virginia could choose polished concrete floors for all of the locations. Instead of the same color for each, they would all be somewhat different while still being within the same color family.

Acid stains are another possibility for decorative coatings. For instance, a product like SunAcid would be ideal. Acid stain is reactive, which means after it is applied to concrete floors, it penetrates and then reacts with chemicals in the concrete. The result is stunning floors with a variegated or marbled design effect. However, because the reaction is different for every concrete floor, a bar owner could choose the same color but still get completely different outcomes at all of the locations.

Decorative coatings with added aggregates are also exceptional options. Following a cohesive color scheme, a bar owner could choose different sizes and types of aggregates to give each location its own character and personality. Even though the color is the same, the overall effect is different. For example, one bar may have a goldish-brown concrete floor enhanced with large river rocks while another bar has floors of the same color that are enhanced with small pebbles. Even unique borders of aggregate decorative coatings could be added.

What Are Some Decorative Concrete Systems for Art Galleries and Museums?

Interior Concrete Floor

Interior Decorative Concrete Floor

There are other reasons for choosing certain decorative concrete systems, such as enhancing certain artwork or sculptures and even guiding visitors to major displays or other areas within the gallery or museum.

You may not realize that the floors in Maryland art galleries and museums are carefully chosen. When you walk in, you immediately notice the floor. For that reason, it needs to make an immediate statement and have a positive impact on visitors. 

To answer the question as to which decorative concrete systems are best for art galleries and museums in Maryland, there is no clear answer. Typically, the flooring solution depends on what the curators want to accomplish. As an example, if the goal is to showcase an entire room of work, a variegated acid-stained floor using a product like SunH20 would be perfect. On the other hand, to highlight a single piece of art, a polished flooring system may be used because of its incredible shine and the way that objects reflect.

The type of gallery or museum in Maryland would be considered when looking at different decorative concrete systems. For instance, if a museum focuses solely on Western history where artwork, old saddles, ranching devices, and other related items are on display, stamped concrete that perfectly resembles natural hardwood or brick would be ideal. However, a modern museum with Monet masterpieces would require a more refined and sophisticated flooring solution.

To determine which decorative concrete systems are best, several things have to be considered. Although some art galleries and museums maintain the same type of flooring throughout, a growing number of places have learned the importance of using different techniques, colors, patterns, and textures based on what works for the type of gallery or museum. Other factors include the sophistication of the works of art, architectural features on the interior of the building, the volume of visitors, and lighting.

Where to Find Great Ideas for Concrete Overlays Installed at a Maryland Home or Business

If you are interested in concrete overlays for your Maryland home or business, you might find yourself struggling to come up with unique ideas. Unlike many other products, one of the challenges with overlays is the abundance of options. Even so, you may not be creative or perhaps you are overwhelmed with the vast number of possibilities and, therefore, you’re having a hard time deciding on what you want or need.

Sundek Products has ideas for concrete

Sundek Products has ideas for concrete

Instead of stressing, you can start getting excited, knowing there are several viable ways to get amazing ideas for concrete overlays. To start with, talk to a reputable dealer or contractor in your state of Maryland. Most importantly, make sure that the person you choose uses only the best products available, something like Sundek’s Classic Texture or SunSplash overlays. This expert can take your ideas to come up with a solution that will surpass your expectations.

Another great way to get ideas for concrete overlays is by paying attention to other residences and commercial businesses that you visit. Today, concrete overlays are one of the top flooring solutions. Therefore, you will have no problem seeing multiple possibilities as you go throughout your day. There is just one challenge. Some of these flooring solutions, including stamped concrete, are made to replicate other materials. Therefore, what you think is a gorgeous hardwood floor, may actually be a beautifully stained concrete overlay.

Finally, use your internet skills to get ideas for having concrete overlays applied in your Maryland home or business. Without a doubt, Pinterest is one of the best sites for this. In exchange for typing the words “concrete overlays” in the search field, you will be presented with literally thousands of pages for finished vertical and horizontal surfaces. As you scan through various photos, pin those you like so that you can go back to make comparisons.

Stamped Concrete: The Perfect Alternative to Pavers and Natural Stone for Washington Walkways

If you have been thinking of having a new walkway installed, there is a good chance that your first option was pavers. Not to say that there is anything terribly wrong with pavers, just that stamped concrete used for Washington walkways is actually a better choice. Now that you know that, it is to your advantage to learn why.

Stamped Concrete by Sundek of Washington

Sundek SunStamp Award Winning Project

Choosing stamped concrete in place of pavers and natural stones is actually an environmentally-friendly choice. Although the process of stamping concrete is made to replicate the appearance of natural materials, including wood, stone, brick, slate, and more, there is no impact on the environment. Instead, your Washington walkway will only look as if it is made from a natural material. Because your new concrete walkway will probably outlast your home, no resources go to waste.

Enhanced safety is another reason for choosing stamped concrete for your walkway. When natural stone and pavers get wet, they get slippery. Therefore, during periods of rain and snow, or even early in the morning when dew is on the ground, someone could easily take a nasty fall. In comparison, stamped concrete can be applied to your walkways in such a way that makes the surface slip-resistant. This is accomplished by using the right products, technique or by adding aggregates or additives to the mix.

One advantage of stamped concrete that many Washington residents appreciate is that when applied to walkways and other outdoor surfaces, there is very little maintenance and upkeep. When properly installed and sealed, stamped concrete is strong and durable. If you are worried about small cracks showing up over time, which happens, you can always choose a beautiful textured pattern that will help hide them.

You also have tremendous color options specific to stamped concrete, something limited with natural stone and pavers. Whether choosing a product like Classic Texture or SunStamp, you will enjoy far more benefits with outdoor stamped concrete for the walkways at your Washington home than you will with the alternative solution.

Making Summer More Fun with Innovative Concrete Pool Decks in Virginia

It’s hard to imagine, but summer is fast-approaching, and this is the time to start getting serious about making plans for your pool deck. Regardless if want to enhance your current pool area or you are planning to have a swimming pool installed, you need to be prepared so that once summer arrives, you, your family, and friends will be able to enjoy the water and surrounding area. For homes, apartment complexes, hotels, and fitness facilities in Virginia, innovative concrete pool decks are a great way to make summertime even more enjoyable.

Brilliant Pool Deck Creations with Sundek Products

Brilliant Pool Deck Creations with Sundek Products

For one thing, you need to think about the aesthetics of your pool deck. Unfortunately, many people stick with traditional colors and textures, which is boring. Instead, you can take this opportunity to choose a product that can be colored, thereby creating backyard personality and character. For example, Sundek’s Classic Texture can be customized to make it your own. Not only do you have several amazing color choices, but a professional installer can create something even more appealing by using unique textures.

Although people are not supposed to run around the pool deck, it happens, and with that, so do accidents. Obviously, no summer is fun when someone gets hurt. Therefore, another way to have a more enjoyable summer is by considering concrete pool decks that have a slip-resistant surface. Again, many people in Virginia choose Classic Texture because it is stunning and non-slip. In addition to preventing falls and slips, people love the surface because is more comfortable to walk on compared to other pool deck materials.

The design of concrete pool decks for Virginia homes and businesses is another consideration. In this case, you can have the installer create a number of unique add-ons. It is also possible to mix and match colors and textures, as well as extend the pool deck design further to the patio, walkway, or veranda. By doing this, the entire backyard has a more cohesive look while becoming a happy place for people to enjoy.