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How to Rehabilitate Your Stamped Concrete with SunRestore

SunRestore for stamped concrete

SunRestore for stamped concrete repair

Do you have a stamped driveway that looks worse for the wear? Has the original surface been around for a long time? Did you purchase a new home in Washington that you love, but the driveway is a serious embarrassment? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, SunRestore is an innovative system used for stamped concrete repair, whether minor or major problems exist.

A professional installer utilizes the SunRestore system with various Sundek products, including SunClear EcoClear, SunEpoxy 54/400, SunStain SunDye Interior/Exterior, SunSeal A25 Premium, SunStain SunH2O, and SunClear HT Clear. This system also works with Sundek Finish Coat and Finish Coat Clear. The actual products used depends on the level of damage to the driveway surface.

In addition to the surface repairs that the SunRestore system provides, you will also see other benefits from the products used. Take SunEpoxy as a prime example. The “54” epoxy system consists of two components and is water based. In addition to curing quickly, this product works well as a color coat and primer.

SunClear HT (High Traffic) Clear is also another fantastic product used in conjunction with the SunRestore system for stamped concrete repair. This two-component topcoat clear sealer contains high-solids aliphatic polyurethane that produces a hard yet flexible coating. Especially for a stamped driveway prone to stains, high traffic, and abrasions, this protection is unbeatable.

Regardless of which products the installer uses, SunRestore is an amazing system specifically for stamped concrete repair. Instead of having the entire surface ripped out and replaced, which involves a major financial investment, a huge mess, and a lot of time, you can transform your driveway back to its original glory. Even if the surface requires significant rehabilitation, this system works.

Following the appropriate technician, an expert will have the work done quickly, so that you can enjoy the sight and functionality of your stamped concrete driveway. Along with restored color, the texture or pattern will look stunning.

Concrete Resurfacing Using the Tuscan System by Sundek

Concrete Resurfacing Using a Tuscan Finish

Concrete Resurfacing Using a Tuscan Finish

Even though concrete is one of the most widely used materials and can last hundreds of years, there are times when surfaces begin to crack, discolor, or develop other imperfections. If you have experienced this with a patio, walkway, driveway, pool deck, or interior floor, you might initially think your only option is to have the concrete ripped out and reinstalled. However, with concrete resurfacing, you can avoid that and end up with a stunning new surface.

You have several excellent options for concrete resurfacing. However, if your goal is to achieve an elegant look, perhaps something with old-world European charm, Sundek has the perfect solution with a product called Tuscan. When it’s professionally installed, the outcome will exceed your expectations.

Tuscan Surface

Tuscan Surface Concrete Resurfacing

One of the unique aspects of Tuscan is that the expert uses hand-troweling for installation. That makes it possible to create incredible design effects and deep texture without a thick application. As a result, this concrete resurfacing method will provide you with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Along with customized designs such as masonry effects, score lines, slate, flagstone, and others, you can make the surface pop by having it enhanced with a coloring technique like SunStain, SunColor, or SunGlaze. Ultimately, this product turns an ordinary indoor or outdoor space into something spectacular.

Not only is concrete resurfacing an excellent way to change the look and feel of an existing concrete surface, but also, without the waste associated with a new tear out and pour, it is an environmentally-friendly solution.

The Tuscan decorative coating is by far one of the favorites among home and business owners. This product will change the appearance of your entire home or office and at the same time will increase its overall value. After all, the new concrete surface will provide years of a flawless surface for you to enjoy now or others to appreciate in the future should you decide to sell.

The Difference Between Typical Stamped Concrete and a Stamped Concrete Overlay System

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Some people think that stamped concrete and a stamped concrete overlay system are the same, but they are actually very different. However, the two have one thing in common. They are both excellent ways to transform the appearance of a concrete surface, including driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, interior floors, and more. For existing concrete, SunStamp by Sundek is the best option.

Standard Stamped Concrete

With standard stamped concrete, a surface gets ripped out, re-poured, and then textured or designed by stamping the surface. In most cases, an installer uses molds that press down into the newly poured concrete. With this option, you can have the professional create a surface that resembles wood, cobblestone, brick, slate, and more.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

Stamped Concrete Overlay

You can also have the concrete colored using hardeners or dry shakes. Depending on the situation, you might be able to use a stain. However, experts suggest having a sealer applied after adding color to enhance the appearance but also to prevent issues with the stain. Although this is an excellent alternative to pavers that is a lot easier to maintain, the downfall is that matching multiple concrete loads creates a challenge.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

The primary difference with the SunStamp concrete overlay system is that it gets applied to an existing surface. Even if the surface has minor imperfections, there is no need to have it ripped out and reinstalled. Ultimately, that makes the project go faster, and it eliminates a significant amount of waste, making this an eco-friendly solution.

Although an expert applies a stamped concrete overlay system in a thin layer, the surface becomes incredibly strong and durable. In fact, this method enhances the strength of the underlying concrete, which is why it is such an excellent choice for driveways and patios. While you can still choose from an assortment of textures and designs, you will enjoy a much broader selection of colors that make it possible to match the home, pool area, or even landscaping.

Using Decorative Concrete to Upgrade the Interior Flooring of Your Home

Decorative concrete floor in residence

Decorative concrete floor in residence

Are you tired of looking at the same old flooring in your home day after day? If so, you can upgrade the interior using decorative concrete. This endeavor is exciting because you have multiple options. Especially when using products like SunCanvas, Tuscan, SunH20, and SunDye, the outcome will exceed your wildest expectations.

While all four of these decorative concrete products are excellent choices, they each have unique qualities. Start by looking at what each of them offers and then select the one that matches what you want for your interior floors. Remember, there is no wrong decision. It all comes down to your personal preference.

If your existing floors have blemishes, you can have the SunCanvas architectural microtopping overlay applied. In addition to concrete, this overlay bonds well to other flooring materials, including ceramic tile, marble, and terrazzo. If preferred, you can have stain added at the time of installation, further enhancing the look of this seamless coating. The installer can also create stenciling or score lines after installation.

Concrete floors

Decorative concrete floors

Tuscan is another excellent choice for the interior floors of your home. This handcrafted decorative concrete overlay features a hand-troweled design for a customized look. This decorative concrete surface can be applied to have a subtle or deep texture, you can also enhance the floors with various design effects, such as masonry, flagstone, slate, and score lines.

Then there is SunH20. Rather than an overlay, this is a water-based concrete stain. Along with strong adhesion, you can combine or layer colors to produce one-of-a-kind floors on a clean new concrete floor surface.

SunDye is another top choice. This liquid concentrate dye penetrates the floor’s surface for a long-lasting effect. Based on the look you want, you can use this fast-drying dye as-is or combine it with SunAcid, an acid-based stain.

Regardless of which decorative concrete solution you prefer, when friends and family come to visit, your new floors will leave them speechless.

Why You Should Install a Metallic Epoxy Floor in Your Retail Store

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

To enhance the appearance of your retail store and create a more inviting space for customers, you have several excellent decorative concrete solutions. However, you will never go wrong choosing metallic epoxy floors. For this solution, two products stand out: SunMetal FX and SunOne. By understanding the benefits of these two products, you will see why metallic epoxy floors are the perfect solution for your retail business, regardless of what you sell.

SunMetal FX

SunMetal FX, which gets used with SunEpoxy 54, SunEpoxy 100, SunOne Polyaspartic, or one of the other Sundek acrylic sealers, will make a lasting impression on anyone who visits your store.

Once applied, these metallic epoxy floors resemble glass. Not only is the surface shiny and smooth, it will have a one-of-a-kind look. Because the surface has swirls that resemble a lava lamp, the floors in your retail store will look nothing like those of your competitors. Because of that, people who visit will remember your business, which will entice them to return time after time.

Sun Metal Metallic Epoxy Floors

Sun Metal Metallic Epoxy Floors


The other option for metallic epoxy floors is a product called SunOne Polyaspartic. Instead of an epoxy surface finish, this is a polyaspartic coating. However, for your retail store, it too will transform the interior look and feel. One benefit of this product is that it cures in just one day. Therefore, if you have a grand opening or special event scheduled for a specific date, you can have your new floors installed and ready for foot traffic.

SunOne Polyaspartic has an advantage over epoxy in that it offers higher abrasion resistance. If your store gets a significant number of customers, this might be the better option. This primer and finish coat is also UV stable, meaning you never have to worry about yellowing or blushing. In fact, it is stain resistant and offers excellent durability, and maintenance is a breeze.