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Why Are So Many People in Maryland Talking about Concrete Floors?

Basement Concrete Floor

Basement Concrete Floor

If you get into a discussion with people in Maryland about floors, you will quickly recognize a pattern. Whether you are talking to homeowners; lawyers; CPAs; or owners of restaurants, arcades, laundromats, hotels, apartment complexes, or nursing homes, the majority firmly believe in concrete floors. After hearing so many people talk about this type of floor, it makes you wonder why all the fuss.

When talking about concrete floors, the people in Maryland are referring to decorative concrete. There are many reasons for this, including that different flooring solutions are reliable, durable, and long lasting. Also, decorative coatings are available in multiple colors, as well as patterns and textures.

The bottom line is that decorative concrete floors are not only stunning to look at but also lifetime solutions for many residential and commercial owners. As a prime example, to showcase automobiles, you will find that many dealerships in Maryland have polished or stained floors. Using products like SunAcid, which is an acid-based stain, the floors have a refined aesthetic and incredible shine.

Another example is restaurants and bars that offer patrons an outdoor dining space. Instead of plain concrete that has no personality or character, many of these Maryland businesses have discovered SunStamp. With this product, a professional installer can create floors that look exactly like natural materials, including wood, brick, flagstone, and more. The decorative concrete floors change the aesthetics, thereby creating a more positive experience.

You will even find concrete floors with an epoxy coating in arcades, bowling alleys, and other places where families love spending quality time together. By adding metallic flakes, the floor is gorgeous as well as slip, impact, and stain resistant. Again, the concrete floors create a unique place that people love visiting. For businesses and homes, the benefits that go hand in hand with concrete floors are too much to ignore, which is why so many individuals in Maryland talk about this flooring solution.

What Is the Role of a Concrete Project Manager?

If you are curious as to the role that a concrete Project Manager plays in a residential or commercial project in Washington, the information provided will help clarify. It is important to note that depending on the project and the concrete company that you hire, this role can vary to some degree.Decorative Concrete Project Manager

The concrete project manager hired to work with decorative concrete system is ultimately the individual in charge. For example, if you are interested in having a product like SunH20, Tuscan, or Classic Texture installed at your Washington home or business, you need to hire a company who specializes in the application of those products and the associated techniques.

If the project is for a large pool deck transformation and you need the job done as quickly as possible because of a scheduled event, the project manager may have additional people on-site to help. Even in this scenario, the head artisan who oversees the work of everyone is responsible for their performance. If something were not to your standards, you would address the issue only with the project manager.

A decorative concrete project manager is also responsible for sticking to the budget, making sure the appropriate tools and equipment are available, and anything else that has to do with the job. He or she schedules the supplies to have the necessary items delivered to the Washington home or business so that work can be started immediately on the first day of the project.

Because a project manager carries a lot of responsibility for the project and is also required to have proper licensing and insurance, it is imperative that you hire the right one. Make sure the company you hire has the experience, and can provide references, a portfolio, and proof of being licensed and insured, for their protection and yours.

Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom in Maryland with Decorative Concrete

After making upgrades to the rest of your Maryland home, you now have the master bedroom left but no clue what to do. Decorative concrete is a unique application that will completely transform your bedroom into whatever you want. Regardless of your preference – calm and relaxing, romantic and intimate, bright and bold, or refined and sophisticated – a professional installer can create the perfect aesthetic using high-quality products.

Sundek Master Bedroom Concrete Floor

Sundek Master Bedroom Concrete Floor

  • Calm and Relaxing – To turn your master bedroom into a private sanctuary, colored epoxy in a lighter blue or green is ideal. Along with its beauty, epoxy is durable and easy to clean, and it will last for years. 
  • Romantic and Intimate – To give your Maryland master bedroom romantic styling, consider having a product like SunMetal FX installed. With beautiful color choices complemented by metallic flakes, this product produces a three-dimensional effect. As an epoxy, this flooring system is more than strong and durable. Epoxy also wears well and is resistant to stains.
  • Bright and Bold – Decorative concrete can also achieve a bright and bold aesthetic for your master bedroom. Instead of choosing deep-tone or subtle colors, go with a standout green, yellow, red, blue, or orange. Along with a solid-colored floor, you might consider adding a unique design or an unusual pattern by using more than one color.
  • Refined and Sophisticated – For this look, SunAcid is an excellent product. As an acid stain, it penetrates the concrete upon application and then reacts with the concrete. The result is a mottled and variegated look that is one of a kind. This type of decorative concrete also comes in a broad range of colors. For a refined and sophisticated master bedroom in your Maryland home, top choices include Buckskin, Cola, and Vintage Umber.

With decorative concrete, virtually anything is possible. In addition to upgrading the floors in your master bedroom, these finishes are perfect for walls, fireplace surrounds, and more.

Colored Concrete Goes Well Beyond Floors in Washington Homes

Like most people, you probably immediately think of floors when talking about colored concrete. Although this is one of the top applications chosen by homeowners in Washington, it is not the only one. Regardless if you are interested in sprucing up the interior or exterior of your home, you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary by having decorative concrete installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Sundek Colored concrete for your home

Colored concrete for your home

Just imagine welcoming people into your Washington home that features a stamped concrete floor in your grand foyer. Along with the benefits that this type of flooring system provides, including durability and ease of cleaning, you have a choice of beautiful colors and patterns. For example, you could choose a gray stamped concrete floor that replicates cobblestone in the foyer, complemented by black concrete stairs leading to the top floor.

For a hearth room, a professional installer can apply a polished concrete overlay to the wall boasting a massive fireplace. Again, you have several incredible color choices, so choose whatever coordinates with the room’s theme or color scheme. For a wow factor, have polished concrete applied to the fireplace surrounds, as well, using a concrete color that plays off the wall.

Concrete colored with acid stain is yet another excellent option, which has two special features. First, because the acid stain penetrates the concrete, it is a permanent solution. Second, after the stain penetrates, it reacts to chemicals in the concrete to create a variegated and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. When you have a product like SunAcid applied, people who walk into the room will be blown away by its magnificent beauty and uniqueness.

Other surfaces that benefit from colored concrete include kitchen and bathroom countertops, water features, fire pits, pool decks, patio columns, and much more. In reality, the only limitation is your imagination. Turn your home into a masterpiece by using colored concrete on more than just the floors.

Making Summer More Fun and Safer at Washington Outdoor Water Parks That Feature Concrete Pool Decks

Splash pad water park

Many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Outdoor water parks in Washington provide a fun summertime adventure for people of all ages. You and the family can float down a lazy river, zoom down spiraling slides, go around and around in a whirlpool, dive off diving boards of varying heights, or simply swim. To make your time more fun, as well as safer, many outdoor water parks now feature concrete pool decks.

Hearing the word “concrete” may have you questioning how a trip to a Washington outdoor water park would be safer, but it is. The reason is that expert installers use special types of finishes. In other words, the concrete is not bare. As an example, Classic Texture, a top-of-the-line product by Sundek, is specially formulated to be cool to the touch and slip-resistant. That means that little feet are not burned and there is less risk of injury.

To make a trip to a Washington outdoor water park more fun, the installer can add color to the coating used for concrete pool decks. With such a broad range of color choices, some parks feature more than one. Whether a single color or mixed and matched colors, this along with patterns and textures give pool decks unique personality and character and make them safer.

SunSplash also bolsters fun and safety at outdoor water parks in Washington. This acrylic spray texture coating makes concrete pool decks look great. In addition to not being affected by salts and various environmental pollutants, it is perfect for high-traffic areas around the pool thanks to its skid-resistant feature. This coating can be customized with masonry effects, aggregates, and score lines that further enhance the walking surfaces around the pool. For optimal results, these businesses rely on qualified installers who use the best products on the market.