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Creating Unique Personality with Epoxy Color Flake Floors in Virginia Homes

Epoxy Color Flake Floors in a home

Epoxy Color Flake Floors in a home

Are you tired of having floors in your Virginia home that look ordinary? Do you want something that has a unique personality? If you answered yes to these two questions, epoxy color flake floors are the perfect solution. With some creativity and the right product, something like SunChip, you have endless design possibilities.

Appearance is the most obvious advantage of epoxy color flake floors for your Virginia home. Whether the expert broadcasts a small or significant quantity of flakes, this flooring solution will transform any room. You can give life to not only bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room, and family room but also the garage and outdoor surfaces.

Epoxy is also an ideal way to hide small surface imperfections in the concrete, making your floors look new. If your existing floors have seen better days, instead of having them ripped out and re-poured, use the color flake system for a complete transformation. Because epoxy color flake floors make Virginia homes interesting, no one notices tiny cracks or pits.

Epoxy Color Flake Floors Chip Color

Epoxy Color Flake Floors Chip Color

Another way that epoxy color flake floors give Virginia homes personality is with color. Instead of choosing boring gray or black flakes, you can opt for virtually any color that you want. In fact, you can have the expert add as many different colored flakes to the formula as you want. You also can choose a color that coordinates with a specific theme or just do something random.

As an example, if you have a home near the water, you might select flakes in varying shades of blue and green. If you want to change the appearance of a basement and show support of your favorite football team, then select flakes in the team’s colors. No matter what you decide, epoxy color flake floors are the perfect way to give your Virginia home unique personality and character while enjoying the long list of benefits, like stain and abrasion resistance.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Concrete Colors in Virginia Daycare Play Areas

Concrete stain

Outdoor Concrete Colors

There are two essential factors to consider when designing an outdoor play area at a daycare center using decorative concrete. First, you need a product that can withstand the pitter patter of little feet and holds up to harsh weather. Second, you want to select something that creates a happy and fun space to enhance the playtime experience.

While both SunH20 and SunDye are excellent products, you have many other options. With either one, you can choose the best outdoor concrete colors for your play area. As an increasing number of Virginia daycare centers now focus on health, providing children with a fun space makes them feel excited about going outdoors.

SunH20 yields 20 impressive outdoor concrete colors perfect for Virginia daycare play areas. You can cover the entire concrete surface with one color or use several colors to give the kids an extra-special place to play. Popular choices include Copper, Pear, Spice, Purple, Plum, Red, and Sienna Rust. Just imagine what you can accomplish by using more than one color.

Outdoor Concrete Colors in water park

Outdoor Concrete Colors for Splash Pad

Beyond the bold outdoor concrete colors for a Virginia daycare, adding aggregates to the formula will create a slip-resistant surface. As a result, the kids can run around even on a wet surface with less risk of slipping and sustaining an injury. That makes playtime more fun and provides the business with better liability protection.

If you have a covered area connected to the outside space, consider SunDye. This product also comes in an assortment of incredible outdoor concrete colors for a Virginia daycare. Not only is this an economical way to enhance the space, but the product also dries quickly. That means you can have it applied on Saturday in time for the arrival of kids on Monday. Instead of a monotone look, have this product mixed with water to create wonderful color variations.

Outdoor Living Concrete in Maryland Turns an Ordinary Space into Something Spectacular

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Now with summer in full swing, you decide to throw an extravagant party for family and close friends. As you begin preparations, you realize the outdoor living concrete at your Maryland home looks old and worn. At first, you panic. Then, you remember someone telling you about a decorative concrete product called SunStamp and how it can turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary.

The information shared by the individual was spot-on. When faced with surface imperfections, discoloration, and outdated outdoor living concrete in Maryland, the application of a superior quality product transforms patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks, and more. Having an overlay applied eliminates the need to have the existing concrete torn out and reinstalled. That means within a few days, you can start enjoying a gorgeous backyard.

This custom-designed outdoor living area offers incredible versatility. With the project complete, SunStamp produces “Old World” charm that will wow every guest. In addition to an outdoor living concrete at your Maryland home, the installer can apply this same overlay on top of other materials, including stucco, drywall, brick, and more.

To achieve the look that you want, you can select from different coloring options, such as colored oxides, stains, and acrylic finish coats. Because of that, you have endless possibilities. Something else worth noting is that you can customize the appearance of the surface with a beautiful scored design, as well as both prefabricated and custom templates.

Depending on the choices you make, the outdoor living concrete at your Maryland home will look like slate, flagstone, or tile, among other designs. For an even more creative look and to protect the newly stained surface, have a protective clear coat added. On the day of your scheduled event, everyone will love the new look of your backyard space. At that point, you can share your secret so that others can transform their outdoor living areas, as well.

The Latest Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

Outdoor Concrete Colors for 2018

If you enjoy relaxing in your backyard, having family over for barbecues, or entertaining friends, you want an outdoor living space that looks and feels inviting. Whether you are updating a covered or open patio, pool deck, walkway, or some other concrete surface, start by considering the newest outdoor concrete colors for 2018. Then, you can create a space that follows the latest trends yet remains beautiful for many years to come.

One possibility for achieving what you want is with one of the three choices under the SunStain umbrella. Whether you choose SunAcid, SunDye, or SunH2O, the outcome will leave you speechless.


SunAcid is an acid-based stain. When applied, it penetrates and then reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Ultimately, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete surface. Also, SunAcid produces a one-of-a-kind marbled effect. Regardless of the 2018 outdoor concrete colors you prefer, Green, Cola, Buckskin, Terracotta, or something different, the variegated design effect is stunning.

Sun H2O

Another top choice is SunH20. The primary benefit of this water-based stain is that offers you a much broader range of outdoor concrete colors. That means if you want to transform your backyard completely, you can go all out with a unique theme or color scheme.

You can opt to have this stain layered or combined with other outdoor concrete colors, giving you endless possibilities for a customized look. Among the choice of 26 colors, this year, Copper, Chocolate, Maize, Plum, and Cinnamon rank at the top of the list.


There is also SunDye, a dye as opposed to a stain. Not only does this product dry quickly, but it comes in a host of vibrant colors, which are all the rage for 2018. Some of the choices that stand out include Turquoise, Fern Green, Burnt Orange, Leather, and Purple. The expert can create gorgeous results with this product alone or use it along with SunAcid, which gives you even more options for outdoor concrete colors.

Why Choose an Epoxy Color Flake Garage Floor System?

Epoxy Color Flake

Epoxy Color Flake

Are you looking for a new way to spruce up your garage floor? Along with functionality, do you want something that looks great? If so, consider an epoxy color flake flooring system. Although there are numerous products on the market, nothing beats Sundek’s SunChip and SunOne. The results will surpass your expectations.

Both of these products are used to enhance a concrete floor to make it more durable and resistant to impacts, stains, hot tire pickup marks, chemicals, oil, abrasions, and more. When professionally installed, your new garage floor will provide you with many years of flawless service.


This Sundek product comes in 12 unbelievable colors. This garage flooring solution starts with the application of the SunEpoxy or SunOne polyaspartic system. From there, the installer adds multicolored flakes made of vinyl acrylic. You can choose more traditional colors, like Café Mocha or Marble, or step outside the box by selecting Santana or Fire Brick, although there are many other options.

Epoxy Color Flake Floor

Epoxy Color Flake Floor

Depending on the level of subtleness or boldness you want to achieve, the installer will add the appropriate density of flakes and in the right size. These flakes are available in a 1/4-inch size, which is standard, or you can opt for 1/8-, 5/8-, or even 1-inch sizes. If you prefer a garage floor that looks more like carpeting, stick with the smaller chips, whereas, for the appearance of granite or terrazzo, you want the larger-sized flakes with a greater variety in color.


SunOne is a polyaspartic flooring coating system that is very durable and extremely abrasion resistant.  With this system, the installer adds the flake colors of your choosing to one of the 16 base colors for this product.  The SunOne product is often used as a top coat to seal off and protect the color flakes below.   The outcome is a one-of-a-kind flooring solution. Depending on your preference for an epoxy color flake floor, a professional installer can also mix and match colors. If you need help, the expert can offer suggestions, or you can spend time online looking at what other homeowners did.