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Ways to Embellish a Concrete Patio at a Virginia Beach Restaurant

SunMetal FX Floor

SunMetal FX Epoxy Floor

You have the perfect restaurant in Virginia Beach, one with incredible food, excellent service, incredible décor, and an outside concrete patio where people can watch the sun as it sets over the water. While everything seems idyllic, you still feel as though something is missing. You want to create a space with more pizzazz. An excellent way to do that is by having the floor embellished using a product like SunMetal FX Epoxy floor.

Having an epoxy coating applied to the concrete floor at your Virginia Beach restaurant will completely transform its appearance. Not only that, but this coating will produce a stronger surface that can withstand a great deal of foot traffic, as well as spilled food and drinks.

Epoxy on its own is gorgeous, especially when you select two or more colors or some type of unique texture. However, for an entirely different look that your guests will love, embellished epoxy is the perfect solution. After the installer completes the project, which typically only takes one day, you will end up with a surface as smooth as glass.

By adding SunMetal FX, the finish also has a unique design that strongly resembles craters on the moon. You can enhance this 3-D effect by adding the right lighting to the outdoor concrete patio at your Virginia Beach restaurant. Depending on the aura you want to create and the style of restaurant, you could use miniature hanging lanterns, recessed lighting as part of the floor design, wall sconces, or something entirely different.

Considering how competitive restaurants in Virginia Beach are, you need to do something that helps yours stand out. Make lunches and dinners more enjoyable and exciting for your guests by selecting embellished epoxy floors. Without question, people will remember your establishment, which increases the chance of them visiting again and telling their friends and family about it.

Helpful Maintenance Tips That Richmond Homeowners Can Follow for Stamped Concrete Floors

SunStamp Stamped Concrete Floors

SunStamp Stamped Concrete Floors

After waiting a long time to have new concrete floors installed in your Richmond home, you finally have them. Because you chose a product called SunStamp, the results exceed your expectations. The only concern you have is keeping them looking the way they do now years down the road. Fortunately, Sundek installers use the best product available, and by following a few tips, you will have no problem achieving your goal.

Remember, stamped concrete is extremely durable and long-lasting, but for the floors to keep their beauty, you still need to follow proper maintenance procedures.

  1. Protective Sealer – During installation, the expert applied a coat of sealer to act as a protective barrier against stains, chemicals, oil, water, scuffs, abrasions, and more. However, you need to have your new concrete floors resealed every two to three years. If you had the floors installed in an area of your Richmond home with a lot of foot traffic, you should probably go with two years.
  2. Sweeping and Mopping – Just as you would normally, you need to sweep your new concrete floors as needed. As for mopping, once a week usually suffices unless the floors need it more often.
  3. Imperfections – As soon as you notice any small surface imperfections, have them fixed. That way, you prevent minor issues from becoming big problems.
  4. Deicers – If you had the concrete floors installed outside, perhaps in a driveway or patio, never use any type of deicing product. Even if the manufacturer claims it safe for decorative concrete, avoid using it. Remember, for flooring installed outside at your Richmond home, the installer can add things to the formula to make the surface slip resistant.
  5. Stubborn Stains – For stains that normal mopping does not remove, you can use a commercial product. Just make sure that you select one of superior quality that is recommended by either your installer or the decorative concrete dealer.

Design the Perfect Virginia Home Using Stamped Concrete

Interior stamped concrete cobblestone

Interior stamped concrete cobblestone

Whether you live near the water, in the heart of downtown, or in an established suburban neighborhood, nothing works better when designing the perfect Virginia home than stamped concrete. With endless possibilities, this is the ideal way to transform the appearance and functionality of concrete surfaces.

Interior Design

When using a premium product like SunStamp, you can create any look that you want inside your Virginia home. Not only can you use stamped concrete on floors, you also can use it on countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, stairways, and other vertical and horizontal surfaces. After finishing one project, you likely will feel inspired to do more.

Exterior Design

If you want to improve the curb appeal, add value to the property, and make a lasting impression on people who visit, select stamped concrete for your Virginia driveway, walkway, or front porch. You can then continue the trend by enhancing areas in the backyard, including the pool deck, patio, pathway, and so on.

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Use Your Creativity

Following are just a few examples of how you can use stamped concrete when designing your Virginia home:

  • Color – Instead of choosing one color, select two or more. A professional installer can then create borders and interesting geographic shapes.
  • Aggregates – For a unique texture and appearance, include aggregates as part of the design. These small pieces of rock create a striking surface.
  • Customized Templates – Although there is nothing wrong with a standard stamped design, like wood, brick, stone, or slate, you can have a customized stamped mat created for a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Designs – Scoring, also known as saw cutting, is another way to add interest to the stamped concrete in your Virginia home. For example, you could have a fleur de lis design added to a seamless stamped surface.

Using the stamped concrete surface as the foundation, you can then add other elements to complete the design of your home.

Endless Possibilities Using Stamped Concrete for a Business

Stamped concrete overlay in Spa

Stamped concrete overlay in Spa

Are you tired of watching your competitors get all the business? Do you need help making your company stand out? Today, competition among all industries is fierce. That means regardless of the type of business you have, you need to make an impression on both prospects and current customers. While it might sound odd, one way to accomplish that is with stamped concrete for your Maryland business.

Many people are visual. Because of that, they base opinions on the first things they see, including floors, countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, walkways, and pool decks. By creating a unique surface that grabs attention, people will notice and remember. The exciting aspect of stamped concrete for Maryland businesses is that there are so many different design options. That gives you the opportunity to produce something unique that will give your business a competitive edge.

Using a superior-quality product, like SunStamp, a professional installer can create any look that you want. You can use the same stamped design for an entire surface or mix and match if preferred. In fact, you can even enhance a stamped concrete surface by using different decorative concrete overlays. When you consider the abundance of available colors, the sky is the limit.

Stamped concrete path in Store

Stamped concrete path in Store

As an example, if you have a retail store in Maryland on a busy street with a lot of other shops, you can use stamped concrete to grab the attention of passersby. By keeping your storefront windows clean and void of clutter, people walking past can see inside. Whether rock, brick, wood, slate, flagstone, or something different, a beautiful stamped design will help draw them inside. From there, your quality merchandise and excellent sales personnel will close deals.

All Maryland businesses – law firms, video arcades, day spas, insurance companies, hotels, and so on – would benefit significantly from stamped concrete surfaces. Take your success to the next level by choosing this decorative concrete overlay.

How Stained Concrete Will Transform the Appearance of Your Coffee Shop

Stained concrete coffee shop floor

Stained concrete coffee shop floor

Whether people rush into your coffee shop on their way to work to grab a cup of java or sit down to enjoy conversation with friends, you can create a more inviting and interesting environment by staining the floors. The goal is to give your guests a place where they feel comfortable coming for coffee, cappuccino, doughnuts, pastries, and whatever other goodies you sell.

Enhancing your concrete floors is an excellent way to improve business. After all, people want to spend time in a place that looks incredible. To give them what they want, opt for stained concrete in your Washington coffee shop. In no time, you will notice that some people no longer hurry in and out and that the number of customers visiting your business increases.

For stained concrete at your Washington coffee shop, you have two options, a water-based or acid-based stain. Using superior products, like SunH2O and SunAcid, will produce results that exceed your expectations. Although both achieve magnificent outcomes, they work in different ways.

A water-based stain consists of liquid pigments and soluble polymers. Although this type of stain does not etch the surface, the floor in your coffee shop will last a long time because of an adhesive promoter as part of the formula. You can choose a single color or have the installer layer several different colors that create a one-of-a-kind look.

Gold-Washington SunCanvas With Stained Concrete

Gold-Washington SunCanvas With Stained Concrete

In comparison, an acid-based stain etches and penetrates the concrete surface, where it reacts to specific chemical compounds. That reaction creates more of a marbled effect, even when using just one color. For something more dramatic, you can choose several colors. Again, this produces a unique masterpiece unlike any other business offers.

If you want to transform your business, paint the walls a new color, provide your customers with comfortable seating, serve the best coffee and sweets in the city, and have stained concrete in your Washington coffee shop applied to the floors.