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Stamped Concrete: Completely Change the Look and Feel of Your Retail Store

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Are you looking for a way to transform the interior of your retail store? Do you want something unique that will make a positive impression on customers? Stamped concrete is an excellent solution for your Washington business. You change the look and feel of not only the floors but also the countertops, walls, and other vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Using a product like SunStamp, a professional installer places stamping mats in the size and shape required to achieve the look you want for the concrete surface. Based on your preference, the surface will look like brick, stone, wood, slate, flagstone, or another material.

You can select from a broad range of colors to enhance the stamped concrete. In fact, you can incorporate more than one color in the overall design. For instance, you might go with a neutral tone for the main floor but then have a brightly colored border added around the perimeter. Another option is to use different colors of stamped concrete for the various areas within your Washington retail store, creating a block-like effect.

The goal is to choose a design that works for your specific type of business. If you sell home goods, such as candles, lamps, wall art, and picture frames, you probably want to create more of a homey feel. For something like this, a stamped design that mimics wood is ideal.

On the other hand, if your store sells high-end linens, comforters, and pillows, you want to give your customers more of a luxurious shopping experience. In this case, you could select stamped concrete floors that look like slate. For something extraordinary, you can mix and match designs, perhaps creating a river rock stamped floor with a stamped pebble countertop by the register.

With stamped concrete, the sky is the limit. Find inspiration online or use your creativity to create a true masterpiece. Give your customers something to remember.

Instead of Ordinary, Choose Extraordinary Garage Floors for Your Maryland Service Center

Sundek Garage fLoors in WashtingtonJust because you own and operate a service center in Maryland where technicians work on automobiles does not mean you have to sacrifice on appearance. Yes, your staff drops tools, oil and grease spills happen, and the technicians move different equipment around, but you can still have beautiful garage floors that resist various types of damage.

Thanks to advances in epoxy coatings, they are by far the best option to consider for the garage floors in your Maryland service center. You need to factor in two things. First, you want to provide your workers with a comfortable and safe work environment. Second, you want to make a positive impression on the customers you serve.

Because your technicians have busy schedules that require them to move around quickly, you want to do everything possible to provide nonslip garage floors. That way, if someone spills something, there is less chance of an accidental fall and injury. One of the many remarkable things about epoxy coatings is that a professional installer can either add aggregates or create a textured surface that makes it slip-resistant.

Then, there are your customers. Along with using epoxy in the service area of your Maryland business, you can have it applied to the floor in the customer waiting area. Remember, people use what they see to determine a business’ quality. If you have beautiful floors, both potential and existing customers will feel more confident in the capabilities of your company.

In addition to a broad range of colors, aggregates, and textures, you have another incredible option for enhancing the appearance of the garage floors and those where customers wait. The installer can use a product like SunMetal FX in combination with the epoxy coating to create a surface that resembles craters on the moon or a 1970s lava lamp.

Not only that, but this particular coating produces a finish as smooth and shiny as glass. Just imagine the motivation your technicians will have with stunning garage floors at your Maryland service center, and the positive impression made on customers by choosing the right coating.

What Concrete Coatings Work Best for a Garage and Workshop Combination?

Garage concrete coatings

Garage concrete coatings

After spending years working on cars and projects in your driveway, you finally purchased a house in Virginia that features a garage and workshop combination. Now, you have a perfect place where you can work on your vehicles and complete fun tasks. However, because you deal with chemicals, oil, grease, and other similar substances, you worry about damaging the floors. An excellent way to protect the surface and give your new space personality is by selecting one of the top concrete coatings.

The two best options for your Virginia garage and workshop include polyaspartic and epoxy. A lot of people have misconceptions about both. In their minds, they think of older products that protected floors but looked drab and dull. Today, a reputable company offers products that function at a high level yet look incredible. SunEpoxy 100 is one such product.

Start by considering polyaspartic concrete coatings, which offers several key benefits. For instance, because it cures quickly, an installer can complete the project in a single day. Also, this coating is resistant to stains, hot tire marks, oil, and abrasions. It is even UV stable, meaning it will not yellow or blush. Even if you start the project in the winter, no problem since the installer can apply this coating on surface temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Epoxy is another one of the best concrete coatings to consider for the garage and workshop space at your Virginia home. If you spend a great deal of time in the garage or have buddies over often to help, you should look at a product called SunEpoxy 100. Keep in mind that epoxy coatings come in different formulas, so for a high-traffic area, this is the top-of-the-line choice.

If you want to enhance the appearance of the floors, the installer can add aggregates, quartz beads, or vinyl acrylic paint chips to this low-viscosity and 100 percent solids epoxy resin. You can also have the surface textured to make it slip-resistant. After all, you waited a long time to have a garage and workshop combination, so consider concrete coatings to create the look you want.

Ways to Embellish a Concrete Patio at a Virginia Beach Restaurant

SunMetal FX Floor

SunMetal FX Epoxy Floor

You have the perfect restaurant in Virginia Beach, one with incredible food, excellent service, incredible décor, and an outside concrete patio where people can watch the sun as it sets over the water. While everything seems idyllic, you still feel as though something is missing. You want to create a space with more pizzazz. An excellent way to do that is by having the floor embellished using a product like SunMetal FX Epoxy floor.

Having an epoxy coating applied to the concrete floor at your Virginia Beach restaurant will completely transform its appearance. Not only that, but this coating will produce a stronger surface that can withstand a great deal of foot traffic, as well as spilled food and drinks.

Epoxy on its own is gorgeous, especially when you select two or more colors or some type of unique texture. However, for an entirely different look that your guests will love, embellished epoxy is the perfect solution. After the installer completes the project, which typically only takes one day, you will end up with a surface as smooth as glass.

By adding SunMetal FX, the finish also has a unique design that strongly resembles craters on the moon. You can enhance this 3-D effect by adding the right lighting to the outdoor concrete patio at your Virginia Beach restaurant. Depending on the aura you want to create and the style of restaurant, you could use miniature hanging lanterns, recessed lighting as part of the floor design, wall sconces, or something entirely different.

Considering how competitive restaurants in Virginia Beach are, you need to do something that helps yours stand out. Make lunches and dinners more enjoyable and exciting for your guests by selecting embellished epoxy floors. Without question, people will remember your establishment, which increases the chance of them visiting again and telling their friends and family about it.

Helpful Maintenance Tips That Richmond Homeowners Can Follow for Stamped Concrete Floors

SunStamp Stamped Concrete Floors

SunStamp Stamped Concrete Floors

After waiting a long time to have new concrete floors installed in your Richmond home, you finally have them. Because you chose a product called SunStamp, the results exceed your expectations. The only concern you have is keeping them looking the way they do now years down the road. Fortunately, Sundek installers use the best product available, and by following a few tips, you will have no problem achieving your goal.

Remember, stamped concrete is extremely durable and long-lasting, but for the floors to keep their beauty, you still need to follow proper maintenance procedures.

  1. Protective Sealer – During installation, the expert applied a coat of sealer to act as a protective barrier against stains, chemicals, oil, water, scuffs, abrasions, and more. However, you need to have your new concrete floors resealed every two to three years. If you had the floors installed in an area of your Richmond home with a lot of foot traffic, you should probably go with two years.
  2. Sweeping and Mopping – Just as you would normally, you need to sweep your new concrete floors as needed. As for mopping, once a week usually suffices unless the floors need it more often.
  3. Imperfections – As soon as you notice any small surface imperfections, have them fixed. That way, you prevent minor issues from becoming big problems.
  4. Deicers – If you had the concrete floors installed outside, perhaps in a driveway or patio, never use any type of deicing product. Even if the manufacturer claims it safe for decorative concrete, avoid using it. Remember, for flooring installed outside at your Richmond home, the installer can add things to the formula to make the surface slip resistant.
  5. Stubborn Stains – For stains that normal mopping does not remove, you can use a commercial product. Just make sure that you select one of superior quality that is recommended by either your installer or the decorative concrete dealer.