Design the Perfect Virginia Home Using Stamped Concrete

Interior stamped concrete cobblestone

Interior stamped concrete cobblestone

Whether you live near the water, in the heart of downtown, or in an established suburban neighborhood, nothing works better when designing the perfect Virginia home than stamped concrete. With endless possibilities, this is the ideal way to transform the appearance and functionality of concrete surfaces.

Interior Design

When using a premium product like SunStamp, you can create any look that you want inside your Virginia home. Not only can you use stamped concrete on floors, you also can use it on countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, stairways, and other vertical and horizontal surfaces. After finishing one project, you likely will feel inspired to do more.

Exterior Design

If you want to improve the curb appeal, add value to the property, and make a lasting impression on people who visit, select stamped concrete for your Virginia driveway, walkway, or front porch. You can then continue the trend by enhancing areas in the backyard, including the pool deck, patio, pathway, and so on.

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Use Your Creativity

Following are just a few examples of how you can use stamped concrete when designing your Virginia home:

  • Color – Instead of choosing one color, select two or more. A professional installer can then create borders and interesting geographic shapes.
  • Aggregates – For a unique texture and appearance, include aggregates as part of the design. These small pieces of rock create a striking surface.
  • Customized Templates – Although there is nothing wrong with a standard stamped design, like wood, brick, stone, or slate, you can have a customized stamped mat created for a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Designs – Scoring, also known as saw cutting, is another way to add interest to the stamped concrete in your Virginia home. For example, you could have a fleur de lis design added to a seamless stamped surface.

Using the stamped concrete surface as the foundation, you can then add other elements to complete the design of your home.