6 Things to Look for in an Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating

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When it comes to epoxy coatings, it is essential you make the right choice. That way, you will enjoy the tremendous benefits for years to come. Keep in mind when you have an expert perform the installation, that individual will select or recommend the best product specific to the job. A top professional will go with something like SunEpoxy 100, the best on the market.

Things to look for in an epoxy coating

  1. Multi-Layer – Instead of one-layer products sold at home improvement stores, make sure you consider only multi-layer epoxy coatings for your Virginia garage floors. As you can imagine, the application will last much longer.
  2. Finish – The finish of the epoxy coating is another thing to consider. For example, you can select a one- or multi-color application; a clear finish; or a coating enhanced with metallic flakes, aggregates, and other materials.
  3. Durability – Make sure the epoxy you look at guarantees excellent durability. Especially when you consider the daily use and abuse garage floors take, it is essential to go with a product highly resistant to stains, chemicals, impact, hot tire marks, abrasions, and more.
  4. Seamless Application – For beautiful flooring that is easy to walk on, look at epoxy coatings an installer can apply as a seamless monolithic finish. In other words, you end up with a smooth surface throughout the space.
  5. UV Protection – Always look at a coating with a high tolerance to UV rays. That way, you never have to worry about unsightly yellowing or blushing.
  6. Low Odor and VOC – Finally, epoxy coatings worth buying for your Virginia garage floors produce little to no odor and contain only slight volatile organics (VOCs).

Even if your installer selects the product on your behalf, it never hurts to educate yourself about epoxy coatings.